Alexis Drifting





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GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 March 25, 2015
Great levitation photo. Is this you? She is pretty!
alanasisk March 25, 2015
Thank you:) This is my daughter. She is my best model:)
Silverfox PRO
Silverfox April 06, 2015
I need to figure how to do this. But for now all I know is it done with photoshop and layers
alanasisk April 07, 2015
You are right:) Many layers. Try googling how to create levitation composites and go from there. I learned by watching tutorials.
Amit61195 May 21, 2015
very very beautiful n awesome editing ^_^
alanasisk May 21, 2015
Thank you so much! :)
avinashsrivastav PRO
avinashsrivastav June 09, 2015
Wonderful Image. I like the sharpness with which the model has been captured as though floating in the air. You may kile to crop the lower portion depicting the top of arches which are distracting. Some portion from the top may also be cropped to emphasize the main subject - the beautiful model. Can you also tell about the technique used to obtain this extraordinary result?
alanasisk June 09, 2015
Thank you so much for your suggestions and interest in this photograph. I actually blurred the background to help keep the model the main subject:)I didn't want to crop too much; I was afraid to make the frame around the model too close to her. If you scroll down on the page of this image you will see the details in which I created this image (Behind the Lens). Thank you again for your comment! Much appreciated:)
foxx17 August 20, 2015
Great shot! Everything in this photo works and looks like she's really levitating. Your post processing is exceptional as you can't tell that it's 2 separate shots. I think the space around her helps to create the illusion of her floating. Beautiful!
alanasisk August 20, 2015
Thank you so much! What a wonderful compliment:) Much appreciated!
timestopping Mar 10
alanasisk Mar 11
Thank you :)

Behind The Lens

The background was photographed at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in the Rozzelle Court Restaurant upper level and the model was photographed in studio. I absolutely love the architecture in the Nelson-Atkins Museum. I have used a photograph of a staircase from the same museum for a different project "The Late Cinderella".
I think it was in the afternoon when these were both photographed. The time of day does not effect the outcome of either image. The background shot was photographed a few months before the model. I selected this background before photographing the model.
Since I knew the background that I wanted to use at the time of photographing the model I knew that I needed little backlight, because of the seemingly very dim lighting in the room.
For the background I only used my Canon EOS xsi with my usual 18-55mm lens. While photographing the model in studio I used two strobe lights and my 18-55mm and had the model lay on a two foot tall, one foot wide block with a soft, more comfortable folded up blanket. She had a difficult time balancing, so her husband helped in the project by holding her up.
Because of the great response from my Self-Portrait Levitation photograph I wanted to use my daughter as a model for a new levitation project. She is so beautiful and my best model. I do have another daughter that is equally wonderful to work with and just as beautiful.
There was quite a lot of post-processing work on this photograph. First I had to put the model together with a few shots in photoshop. It took a ton of patience and dedication, because I had to make her a butt and boobs. Her rear end was hidden at the time of the shoot and so I had to copy and past and shape a new butt. It looks a little big, but believable. My poor daughter is flat chested, so I did improve this image by shaping her breast. She loves how it turned out:) The background image was blurred to create distance and keep the viewers focus on the model.
In my camera bag
I always carry my Canon EOS xsi with my 18-55mm attached along with my 75-300mm zoom and Teleplus 2x adapter; my tripod that is lightweight and easy to carry and a few extra sd cards.
For anyone that wishes to create a levitation photograph keep in mind the lighting, the harshness of the brush while masking, and do your research levitation photograph tutorials. This is how I learned of the possibilities of levitation. When I see other levitation images I can usually tell when the model is straining to keep their head up. I would advise to make sure the head is relaxed and the model looks comfortable.

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