Guitarist Meon the Pagan Pikey in front of Stonehenge.

Guitarist Meon the Pagan Pikey in front of Stonehenge.
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ChristinaFreak April 26, 2014
Great image!!!
lucidimages August 01, 2014
KatieMcKinneyPhotography PRO
KatieMcKinneyPhotography June 07, 2014
lucidimages August 01, 2014
sweetpea72 June 07, 2014
Awesome in b/w ")
lucidimages August 01, 2014
Gaydee August 31, 2014
Nice shot ! :)
myckols October 12, 2014
November Rain in Stone Age? :P Nice.
elizajones April 21, 2015
Great shot!
lucidimages April 21, 2015
thanks elizajones
sarahdarvill January 06, 2016
You should enter this in my Musical Instruments photo challenge...
garymintz PRO
garymintz July 25, 2018

Behind The Lens

This image was taken in the cathedral city of Salisbury, well 10 minutes drive from the city anyway. Stonehenge do normally charge for admission and you don't really get that close to the stones. So we found this location which there is a back road to which has a great view of the stones where we got close enough to include them in the image.
As I remember I think this was about 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon, so there were plenty of tourists and such behind visiting the stones while the guitarist played out a few rifts on his portable speaker.
It was that kind of weather that when people take a look outside makes them think twice about leaving the house. There were a couple of moments on the shoot when it was absolutely bucketing it down, but luckily when this one was taken there was a break in the ferocity of the weather. But this kind of weather can really make for some dramatic skies and so I'm glad of the way the day turned out.
I shot this on my Canon 7D using my nifty fifty 1.8 Canon lens, which I think is a brilliant lens for the price and the shallow depth of field. No tripod just handheld with a shutter speed of 1/2000 at f1.8. ISO 200. I knew I wanted a blurry background, and to capture the image without any motion blur this is why I opted for the fast shutter speed, and also to work with the wide open aperture I needed the speed or the image would be blown out.
This was taken by request of a friend of mine called Mikey, who's alter ego or artist name is 'Meon the Pagan Pykey'. We thought it would be fun to get in front of the stones and see what happened.
There was a bit of tweaking to this, mainly to do with the clarity of the sky to dramatize the look. Maybe a bit of contrast but overall not too much.
In my camera bag
A veritable delight of lenses! No, not really. Canon 7D, Sigma 18-250 f3.5, Canon 50mm 1.8, Tamron 24-70 f2.8 & Sigma 10-20mm 3.5. Along with this then 2 Canon speedlites 430 ex ii, wireless flash triggers and a few filters and such. (I bought the filters after I did this shot). And of course all the cards, batteries, cloths etc. So it does tend to get a bit heavy my bag, especially when traipsing round the fields in front the stones!
I would advise people to pay when they visit Stonehenge as is part of our heritage and not to be cheeky by going in the field next to it. The other things I would recommend is using the bad weather to your advantage to create the moody looking clouds, mixed with a bit of clarity in RAW really does wonders! Always carry a plastic shower cap and a rubber band in your camera bag for those times when it starts to come down!

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