Autumn Baby

Falling leaves around a child.,

Falling leaves around a child.,
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JDLifeshots December 15, 2014
Cute shot!
traceprinslooreppin May 31, 2015
...fabulous portrait!
sarahdarvill September 02, 2015
You should enter this in my Mischief photo challenge!
tammyswarek September 20, 2015
Cookies4U PRO+
Cookies4U Feb 02
adorable portrait!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken during a family portrait photo session, there were some great shots from that session as the little girl is very characteristic and is a joy to photograph.
I make visits to my hometown Eastbourne once I have booked in enough session within a day, as I live in Salisbury I have to make sure that the expenses are covered,. So this was one of the first bookings about 10am.
I use a location which has a sort of secret garden feel to it and within that there is a small building which is like a stage. On an overcast day like the day that I took this then the light is filtered down and gives that lovely spread of light on the back drop while lighting the subject. Natural lighting that uses the sky like a huge beauty dish. One of my favourite locations for portraits, as you can direct the subject in a position to get great catch lights in the eyes when close up.
Canon 7D (still saving for 5D iii) with a Tamron 27-70 f2.8. Handheld.
I've used this spot before but never with the leaves. Its not the cleanest of leaves, but the mum and dad were ok for a bit of experimentation with the leaves. I kind of imagined this kind of shot, even though you never can tell what kids are going to do!
Bit of warming up, contrast, but nothing to much.
In my camera bag
Too much, its getting blooming heavy! Canon 7D with battery grip, 4 lenses, 2 flash guns and the normal gubbins such as filters, batteries etc.
Fast shutter speed for capturing the motion, turn your focus mode to One-Shot so that when you start firing you can make each shot focused while keeping calm and allowing yourself to think while going through the motions. I had the parents throwing the leaves from either side starting high and trying to capture about 3 or 4 shots each throw. Its not easy, but if you have a well behaved child as your subject then your half way to winning the battle!

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