Mcmanp November 08, 2015
Wow, looks like something out of a film set. Awesome shot
Pamelabole April 18, 2016
Wow....this is an amazing capture!!!! Very "cool"! Lol! Congrats on your well deserved award!!! : )
sherrywhite_3552 April 19, 2016
Incredible capture!! ????
mindaugaskeraitis April 19, 2016
THowephotos April 19, 2016
Beautiful shot ! Love it
Thimbee April 20, 2016
Congrats on an outstanding image!
whitedove5 April 20, 2016
Pure Michigan!!! Beautiful! I'm from Traverse City.
r_pttsn September 01, 2016
wow, this is brilliant! Well done
SpicyArtWorks September 05, 2016
thunderlake November 17, 2016
Amazing capture
timmyhillg18 December 29, 2016
Incredible beauty!
timmyhillg18 December 29, 2016
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brendabryson January 18, 2017
soniaclement January 23, 2017
Must have been slippery to get where you were standing... Amazing capture !
timlucas January 24, 2017
oh, i would love to shoot this, nice work
conniehumphreys_3889 March 07, 2017
Witmar April 17, 2017
excellent picture
Mfaraone June 16, 2017
francescabullet July 06, 2017
Wow Thomas! Incredible! Very beautiful
DVillicanabedolla November 05, 2017
That is so awesome!!! It looks unreal. How did you even get that?
sunnyjones124 November 10, 2017
dorothyhanson_1614 November 30, 2017
thomasmcclintock December 12, 2017
love! Love! Love!!
KnitTwit Feb 17
In the soft, subdued winter light, it looks like a drawing. Nice effect!

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Oct, 2015

Alice Final

a slight modification, just because I can. lol
The South Haven Lighthouse after a winter storm. I've always been fascinated with storms and related elements. When I first saw this it reminded me of stairs leading toward the light. The light from a spiritual perspective refers to heaven. Ironically, this only happens under certain conditions, and not every year either. I actually went back a week later after getting this shot and almost all the ice was gone. Thanks for taking the time to view, favor, and comment, I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did.

As an interesting side note, not only has certain photo's in the frozen lighthouse series won awards through other competitions, I was also represented by a global media company who arranged publishing through their global contacts.

One of the last to buy the publishing rights was of all places Disney :)

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Won People's Choice in Nature Created Ice Sculptures Photo ChallengeApril, 2017
Won FeaturedJanuary, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Covers Photo Contest Vol 28April, 2016


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