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The path to the treasure. Following the unknown often leads to something you may not be aware of, but if you are willing to take that journey, you just never kn...
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The path to the treasure. Following the unknown often leads to something you may not be aware of, but if you are willing to take that journey, you just never know what you'll find.

As an interesting side note, not only has certain photo's in the frozen lighthouse series won awards through other competitions, I was also represented by a global media company who arranged publishing through their global contacts.
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tinekeziemer October 14, 2014
Breathtakingly beautiful! And I love the words you wrote to accompany it!
Pjerry PRO
Pjerry October 23, 2014
Jaw dropping. Amazing.
Capture-Life October 23, 2014
Ingleman February 27, 2015
ChixPixPhotography PRO
ChixPixPhotography May 25, 2015
Great image. Love the write up too.
grandmum6008 June 17, 2015
Again I have one of these. Not exactly the same, but close. I am in awe of what the weather does!
emilystraw PRO
emilystraw August 16, 2015
CWphotos5 January 31, 2016
You deserve an award just for enduring the cold to get this wonderful shot!!!
Witmar April 17, 2017
beautiful picture
iani PRO
iani May 20, 2017
awesome photography!
joeMedrek PRO
joeMedrek Aug 27
littlered1964 PRO
littlered1964 Sep 06

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken on the lighthouse pier in St Joseph Michigan.
This one was taken around 4 pm. During the winter months the ideal light last's much longer due to the angle of the sun. During the middle of winter you can ideally have 2 hours prior to sunset and after sunrise as opposed to summer when your lucky to have maybe an hour of great light.
Knowing your location and how to use light is key to creating images that simply stand out.
I used a Canon 40D with a 17 -40 L Lens. I had the tripod with me just in case, but didn't need it as the available light was sufficient.
I've always been a bit of a explorer, treasure hunter and nature lover. Combine that with a core fascination for life and lighthouses and there you have it. I prefer to capture things that are unique or that have a unique quality about them that you don't normally see. In this instance the end result of the ice buildup only happens when the conditions are right. While patience is key, my original intent was not just to step outside the box, but to throw the box away when it came to defining beauty. I also looked at the typical definitions surrounding landscapes, as well as nature and used those 2 ideas in the broadest sense when I originally created the theme for this series.
My processing technique is never across the board standard for the image. I think that after you've spent a considerable amount of time doing edits you develop a feel for what to do. I allow each image to speak to me for lack of a better term. My objective is to recreate what I was feeling at the time of the encounter with the subject matter.
In my camera bag
My camera body, several lens's, extra batteries (cold weather drains batteries quick) A plastic bag large enough to keep the camera in so that it can easily acclimate to external temps. Various screw on filters and a Lee filter holder system. Extra memory cards. And a lens cloth, just in case.
The better you know your equipment and what it's capable of the easier things will go for you. As I also stated earlier if you know how to best use light to your advantage you'll be way ahead of anyone else. All that comes through experience. One thing I've always done is simply ask myself what can I do better ? That can be something as simple as waiting for the best light to exploring an angle you've never tried before.

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