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Creative Reality Photo Contest
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Creative Reality
Adobe Stock’s Visual Trend Creative Reality explores how the creative world is responding to anxious times, offering escape into altered states of reality and colorful, sensual, richly-textured utopias. In times of geopolitical, financial, and ecological crises, some choose to organize, protest, and fight. Others long for escape. For visual artists, the new escapism embraces idealized images of nature, from eco-tropical paradises that fuse reality with human-made wonderlands to bold experiments with color and patterns derived from exotic plants and animals.
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Creative Reality Photo Contest
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Creative Reality Photo Contest
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Creative Reality Photo Contest
Creative Reality Photo Contest
The Zamurovic Brothers
We are the Zamurovic brothers and we are 33 and 39 year-old full-time photographers based in Serbia. Art photography is our passion. We love what we do, and it is obvious in our work. Never into the ordinary, always exploring new ideas, we experiment with new techniques and photo equipment, and we are in search of interesting ideas. Passionate about traveling and cooking. Our biggest treasures are our little angels for whom we breathe.
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Creative Reality Photo Contest
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