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Amazing Ice

The lighthouse in St Joe Michigan. This was part of a series of winter lighthouse shots I worked on and followed for several years. Simply stated, I was followi...
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The lighthouse in St Joe Michigan. This was part of a series of winter lighthouse shots I worked on and followed for several years. Simply stated, I was following my fascination. This particular phenomenon only happens under certain conditions, so it's rare to see this much ice buildup at this location, as it doesn't happen every year to this degree. So I patiently wait and watch to see if the ice builds, and once it does, I go, and hope to capture it at it's peak. Thanks for taking the time to view, favor, and comment, I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did.
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BruceB March 09, 2014
Great capture......looks cold but beautiful
fotosteve Platinum
fotosteve March 24, 2014
Another wonderful image.
tinekeziemer April 10, 2014
This is one of the most amazing images I have ever seen!
SheilaDraper May 28, 2014
Pjerry PRO+
Pjerry October 23, 2014
Wonderful capture. Great job
Maureen-Isree November 13, 2014
Such an outstanding image, especially the danger of going out to capture this sort of imagey.
Bazz PRO+
Bazz November 28, 2014
Fabulous capture!
imagebyTerri PRO+
imagebyTerri December 18, 2014
This is the coolest!
cameraman909 January 05, 2015
terryc Platinum
terryc February 08, 2015
RebelWarren Platinum
RebelWarren March 05, 2015
Just breathtaking!!
Remraf August 03, 2015
Nice shot!
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 August 03, 2015
Great capture! It looks so cold but beautiful. Congratulations on being featured.
iceman2 August 03, 2015
Beautiful winter image!Congrats
rakeshtatia August 03, 2015
Absolutely Amazing!
Following-Footprints August 03, 2015
Wow, this is absolutely stunning... very magical and mysterious. Beautiful work.
djalmaarmelin August 03, 2015
Record of a single moment...
RMPANDITPHOTO August 03, 2015
Awesomely Cool
emilystraw August 08, 2015
So utterly bends my mind,so glad to have come across you......amazing work,thankyou
sweetpea72 August 09, 2015
Speechless!! :)
sindeann August 11, 2015
Absolutely gorgeous!
barbierisden3 August 15, 2015
Hats off to you. Beautiful.
moniqueelferink August 20, 2015
Congratulations! top!
ghphotouk PRO+
ghphotouk August 20, 2015
Amazing, beautifully captured
MRueffer PRO+
MRueffer August 20, 2015
And amazing photo!!
JGallery August 30, 2015
I shot this same lighthouse, the year of the fire... I several yards east from where you are standing in this photo. I think that it was Hurricane Sandy Winter (This was January - Feb, I believe) . It was so darn cold. But so worth it......
Maui-Up-Close August 31, 2015
i am in awe!
crystalvoynow September 01, 2015
Absolutely stunning. I'm glad you took the time to was worth it.
beamphoto PRO
beamphoto September 14, 2015
Really pretty.
predragsimic September 20, 2015
Absolutely wonderful!
Snapshot53 PRO+
Snapshot53 October 28, 2015
Just amazing.
RogerV PRO+
RogerV January 06, 2016
Great shot, it looks like, not of this world...
james_avery October 15, 2017
It looks very satisfying, and it looks like supermans fortress of solitude
misterscott Platinum
misterscott December 24, 2019
Great shot.
RockyS PRO+
RockyS January 04, 2020
Ok. I usually say when I see a great picture, I wish I took this picture. In this case, however I am glad you took this picture. Truly a mind-boggling picture. Thank you for sharing.
RonTear Platinum
RonTear May 15, 2020
Superb !! it looks cold too !! -30 ?
suzie379 Platinum
suzie379 November 21, 2020
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Behind The Lens

This was captured on the lighthouse pier in St. Joe Michigan.
This one was taken about an hour before sunset. The light is just better. In the winter months because of the angle of the sun you generally have 2 hours of good light.
Working with natural light is easy once you know how. Simply put, take advantage of either early morning or late day light, it's just less harsh. Also take advantage of the angle as it can add a certain amount of depth to your subject. In this case the sun was low on the horizon and at a 45 degree angle to the subject.
This was taken on a Canon 40 D, with a 17 - 40 lens, on a tripod, with no other special equipment.
I've always been a bit of a explorer, treasure hunter and nature lover. Combine that with a core fascination for life and lighthouses and there you have it. I prefer to capture things that are unique or that have a unique quality about them that you don't normally see. In this instance the end result of the ice buildup only happens when the conditions are right. While patience is key, my original intent was not just to step outside the box, but to throw the box away when it came to defining beauty. I also looked at the typical definitions surrounding landscapes, as well as nature and used those 2 ideas in the broadest sense when I originally created the theme for this series.
The processing I do is highly intuitive and never really the same. The result I'm after is. It is my intention to recreate the feeling I had at that precise moment in time, and transfer that into the final result. I believe in keeping things as simple as possible.
In my camera bag
My camera body, several lenes, an assortment of filters, extra batteries, a charger, lens cloth and an extra memory card.
Photography, while it might seem intimidating to some, in it's simplist form, is all about capturing light and manipulating light. Get to know your equipment and all the features and options you have available. Look at the various software editing programs on the market and pick a system that is right for you. Last but not least, keep it, and your photos simple, by eliminating elements that don't support your subject matter. From a foundational standpoint photography is all about learning the basics and mastering the basics and applying those skills to create something you'll be proud to share. For me I also have to say the words “Know Thyself”. Follow your fascinations despite what anyone else thinks because you never really know where they will lead you. If your really good at it, you may just find many treasures along life's path.

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