micfos July 08, 2016
What a great shot, love everything about it and the story it tells! beautiful model as well!
JulieAnnNewell July 30, 2016
Thank you micfos! I love that I can create an image capturing my beautiful niece modeling with my brother's first published novel! I appreciate your comment! Thanks again!
laureenofscotts December 08, 2016
So nice composition!
emacdonald December 26, 2016
JulieAnnNewell December 28, 2016
Thank you all!
RHuffPhotography December 29, 2016
I must tell you, this is one of the first groups of photos I came across when I joined VB, and to this day, remains possibly my favorite model / shoot on all of VB!
JulieAnnNewell September 21, 2017
Thank you! Wow, that is a wonderful compliment! I appreciate it!
murdockfotografo January 23, 2017
This one WOWs me a lot! Congrats, Julie!
JulieAnnNewell September 21, 2017
Thank you Franz!!!
kelbear85 September 21, 2017
beautiful model. the red on the book really draws you in not as much as the girl though.
JulieAnnNewell September 21, 2017
Thank you. That was my intention for this photograph to showcase my Brother's first novel and to only capture her eyes while holding up the main subject of my photograph of my my brother's book with the great red book cover. I was using his published first novel as a series project, showing his book in different places with different people holding it. My beautiful niece modeled for me holding up the book so I could capture it with only her eyes showing
fotografescu Feb 04
Hey there. Yesterday I have seen this image on s. Is that you or someone have stolen it and posted it over there?
What is S? It has been stolen before so I really want to check on that. Please send me the link if you can. Thank you!
vitor Mar 05
Well done!
TimAtkinsonNY Mar 17
That's a great picture. It's an interesting open narrative that gets me thinking and looking for a while

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Jan, 2016

Reading, "The boy and the Bastard"

My brother's first novel, "The boy and the Bastard" got published and I am so proud of him and his accomplishments. It is a really wonderful read so I wanted to get photos of people holding his book and this one was one of my favorites that I took in the library aisles of my niece. I love that this photo involves my family and their talents. (The title of this novel has changed to "The Boy and What Might of Been" by Russell Newell)

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