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As part of our mission to empower photographers Worldwide, we are running the first-ever View Project with the goal to print a coffee table book with the best images of the community. Our goal is to give talented photographers the exposure and recognition they deserve by commemorating their work in this limited edition book.

The View Project
The View Project
The View Project

The Images

The View Project book will showcase images that display a strong composition, sound technical skills, creativity and originality. Capture the true essence of how you see the World that surrounds us. Share your best images for a chance to be recognized as a published photographer and be part of an elite group of creatives.

The View Project

Be Part Of A Timeless Project

The ViewBug Team and partners will review and select the best shots that show the photographers passion, creativity and their commitment to quality and exploration. Creatives will be selected to receive a guaranteed spot in this timeless and limited edition.

The View Project

The View Project
Your Photo In The Project
The project aims to illustrate the beauty, fascination and prominence of our planet today as captured by top creatives around the World. From population, creatures, perspectives and metropolis, selected photographers to be printed will be contacted directly via email.
Here's How It Works
What photos should I share in this contest?
Share your most stunning image!
How many submissions are there in the contest?
There are 80,738 submissions.
What happens with the ownership of the photo I share in the contest?
You always maintain all the rights to your photos. By entering the contest you accept VIEWBUG's terms of use. AI generated images are not elegible to win.
"Receiving a prize I would say it is always an amazing feeling"
- vladgeorgescu

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