"A Spark of Life" by hasartphoto
Crying by blitzlichtgewitter
Crimson by ricardowilliams
Alone by SweetpeaAndBell
Tears by bendikstalheim
Photo  by cameronmarie
don't cry by dirkrichter
Cry Me A River by harts830
Me Before You by gracealmera
Morning Rise by DonHoekPhoto
Emotional by HouavangPhotography
MATER AFFLICTORUM by stanislavstehlik
Face by lisamariephotog
As Tears go by ... by High-Hopes
Flower's Pearl Necklace ... by High-Hopes
Desperate by Photofortin
Peak Blue ... by High-Hopes
Clouds in the Valley by laelwilliams
Tears by KelticNomad
Black tears by wenchejostad
As Tears go by ... by High-Hopes
Le Lacrime del Sole - Tears from the sun by andreaturno
The Golden Touch by abigailsymons
Blood, sweat and tears by danilbaker
On the Wings of the Night ... by High-Hopes
Dedicated to the victims in today's earthquake in Nepal...t. Everest climbing teams lostv in avalanch by fotogalmexican
Blue Calling ... by High-Hopes
Memories ... by High-Hopes
 In your Eyes ... by High-Hopes
Red tears by anaritaferreira
Tears in my Eyes ... by High-Hopes
Many Too Many ... by High-Hopes
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