Media Pressure by LeahStewart
Intense by bartboodtsphotography
Don't cry ! by nellasfotographymalta
"The first love letters are written with the eyes." - French Prover by wenchejostad
Wilbur  by RatbarSteward
Amber tears of autumn by natalyapryadko
I will not be back by MaximGaribaldi
Hot by LookSee
Tiny Tears by denizen1
Nunna-da-ul-tsun-yi  Created by LuCelia Wise by 1Ernesto
Pensive marla by mcrc22
Don't cry! by Irene_van_Nunen
The Cadged Bird by Girlwiththepearl
Bridge of tears by lanwpg10
573FBDAC-CD65-4C69-9839-EBE6A2A0A9F5 by kyllikkivallema
Giant tears by LoverUtion
River of Tears by Ozbod54
”Tulip Noir” by MartinaD
Someone is getting tired by PCarver
Tasha's Tear by Life-in-the-Country
In the Eyes of the Beholder by Ash1256
precious by TeePee72
White Tears by denizen1
DSCN1823 - VB     Memento by Masica
Holding back the tears by lisafryer
Vrbas,Vojvodina,Serbia...Yellow rose for my Princess... by Milan
A tearful victory by mithranadventurist
Seeing Red by ashlibrookephotography
Tearful memory by janswanepoel
The Masks We Wear by rturnbow
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