"A Spark of Life" by hasartphoto
Crying by blitzlichtgewitter
Crimson by ricardowilliams
Tears by bendikstalheim
Photo  by cameronmarie
don't cry by dirkrichter
Cry Me A River by harts830
Me Before You by gracealmera
Morning Rise by DonHoekPhoto
Emotional by HouavangPhotography
MATER AFFLICTORUM by stanislavstehlik
Face by lisamariephotog
As Tears go by ... by High-Hopes
Flower's Pearl Necklace ... by High-Hopes
Desperate by Photofortin
Peak Blue ... by High-Hopes
Clouds in the Valley by laelwilliams
Tears by KelticNomad
Black tears by wenchejostad
As Tears go by ... by High-Hopes
Le Lacrime del Sole - Tears from the sun by andreaturno
Blood, sweat and tears by danilbaker
The Golden Touch by abigailsymons
Dedicated to the victims in today's earthquake in Nepal...t. Everest climbing teams lostv in avalanch by fotogalmexican
Blue Calling ... by High-Hopes
On the Wings of the Night ... by High-Hopes
Memories ... by High-Hopes
Alone by SweetpeaAndBell
Red tears by anaritaferreira
Tears in my Eyes ... by High-Hopes
Tears by EvaFerriere
Beautiful Tears by denizen1
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