Notre Dam by manueladurson
Carrasqueira stilts by kaihornung
Sunset at coniston jetty by russellwaite
Jewelled Face by davidfieldphoto
Leadenhall Building B&W fine-art by farigiovanni
On A knife Edge by RobJDickinson
"Arco Iris" by ericbennett
Warm Morning by jmecs
Kilfarrasy_04232016_2235 2 by jreid13
Silk & Stone by aliceloder
Hot & Cold sunrise by cyrilcharpin
Bruny Lighthouse by Michael_Lucchese
Just blue by x200200
Morning side park by glennbernasol
Washpen Falls by ajbphotography
Mealt Falls-2 by PaulPersys
Sunset at the Badwater by jessicacathrinesantos
Neither did I let it spoil my attempt by ScorpioOnSUP
family bonds by kellyrenee
Together  by patriciasoon
Rapid Autumn by btruono
Saltend by Night by lee532
Llyn Paddarn by NeilNicklinPhotography
Cascade in the Jura by joostlagerweij
Yosemite Valley by SeanAllenPhoto
As Time Goes By. by Alfredo_Jose
Sunset at Scarborough Bluff's by angie_1964
Burn of Lunklet by chriscoles
A Kind of Dream by trevorjchapman
Always remember by valeriasig
Lost Falls by rowdywinters