Witmar December 27, 2017
good shot
garyalexander Feb 16
Thank you, much appreciated!
Beautiful image, fantastic composition all around excellent work. This is worthy of a large print on Fuji Pearl black and white paper for your wall.
garyalexander Feb 17
Thank you Michael, much appreciated and will consider your suggestion.
_atombomb Feb 17
wow! you captured this lovely!
garyalexander Feb 17
Thank you _atombomb, much appreciated!
Kthom08 Feb 17
Great composition in the wall with the water
It just leave you want more
Kthom08 Feb 17
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mikedunn_5627 Feb 17
Great leading lines and composition...definitely rocks in B&W????
garyalexander Feb 17
Thank you Mike, very much appreciated and black and white works very well for this image.
tmlakshmi Mar 11
great BTL. Now I know what it takes to be a great photographer.
garyalexander Mar 11
Thank you very much for your nice comment, glad the BTL help, that and lots of practice!
rosaposa Apr 23
Wonderful shot. It makes me feel like this pier goes on forever. So effective in black and white too. Congratulations on your very much deserved award too!
garyalexander Apr 28
Thank you Rosa, your nice comments are very much appreciated!
Flymechgirl Apr 28
Love the subject and your vision, your B&W is amazing!
Bobwhite May 10
Congratulations for win
garyalexander May 10
Thank you Bob, very much appeciatedand congratulations to you too!
Congrats on the win, amazing photo.
HaliSowle May 11
Beautiful image. Congratulations!
garyalexander May 12
Thank you HaliSowle, very much appreciated!
dongyunbai May 28
good job
garyalexander Jun 05
Thank you, appreciated!
_andyjenkins Jun 09
Superb shot Gary, love the monochrome and the exposure time is absolute perfection
garyalexander Jun 09
Thank you Andy, very much appreciated
Bernardng Jun 19
Great composition with the leading line and shape
garyalexander Jun 20
Thank you Bernard, very much appreciated!
speterson6 Aug 17
Beautiful image. Great use of lines and form. Perfect in B&W.
garyalexander Sep 26
Thank you for your nice comment, much appreciated.

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Dec, 2017

St Monans Pier, St Monans,Scotland.

St Monans Pier, St Monans,Scotland.
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Won Contest Finalist in Rule Of Seconds Photo Contest vol1May, 2018
Won People's Choice in Monochrome Creative Compositions Photo ContestMay, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Monochrome Creative Compositions Photo ContestApril, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Long Exposure Experiments Photo ContestFebruary, 2018


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Absolute Masterpiece
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Magnificent Capture
All Star
Superior Skill

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Top 30 class
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Top 10 class week 1


Behind The Lens

This image, being not only one of my personal favourites, but also very popular, was taken in the bay of a small fishing village of St Monans, on the eastern coastine that is part of the Fife region of Scotland. This is a breakwater, a stone structure that serves as a means of preventing both coastal erosion from the Firth of Forth estuary and a means of boats passing safely into St Monans harbour.
Arriving in St Monans the night prior, I stayed overnight at a local guest house, to arise very early at 5am in the morning. The reason for the early rise is that having studied the tidal times the night prior, I wanted to capture a long exposure at high tide to capture the effect of the water hitting of the side of the breakwater.
Having decided I wanted a long exposure shot, I mounted my camera to my tripod and using a shutter release cable, allowed for a 34 second exposure shot.
Canon 6D, Canon EF 17 40 f4 L lens at 23mm, ISO 50, f14, 34 second exposure. Vanguard tracker 3 tripod and wired shutter release cable.
The St Monans breakwater serves as a great leading line that follows your eye through the photo, I felt that given the weather conditions using a black and white composition served this image perfectly, gave it a kind of surreal yet dark and mysterious feel to it. I also like how it conveyed a sense of solitude within the emptiness of its surrounding environment.
Using Photoshop, After I had worked on the RAW image to get the best black and white tones, I decided to add a gradient curves layer to the top half of the photo and a circular gradient layer to the bottom half of the composition.
In my camera bag
Canon 6D, 17 - 40 f4 L lens, 70 - 200 f4 L lens, Vanguard tracker 3 tripod, Lee big stopper and filter holder kit, various ND grad filters, spare batteries.
Visualize the type of shot that you are aiming for even gaining inspiration from others work through sites such as Viewbug, plan ahead to determine tidal times, weather forecasts, travel arrangements and arrange accommodation prior to visiting, before leaving check all batteries are charged and lenses are cleaned prior to taking photos, before taking the shot take time to plan your composition and framing of the shot.

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