IMG_1008 by dive_shark
A heat ray in the could world.  by lascumihai
And,,,, coffee by tazzzer62
Out There by lukastraude
Winter in Finland by niiloi
Sun And Shade In The Park by douglasunger
Sundown by gerhardmessink
IMG_0120-2abcd wilderness sunset by Queenofphotos
Embracing the sunset by uniquephotoarts
Bboy Willem doing his flare by ZetaPictures
Silver Sunrise by chiphendershot
“Earth, Fire, Water,&  Air.” Smoke from the 2018 “Holy Fire” in Southern California blowing offshore over Laguna Beach at sunset  by SaltyPhotos
sandy sunset  by kikkicat
Flares and Smoke by williambattle
Photo  by mishgan
Reflections Photography--5 Morning Splendor by Queenofphotos
Photo  by Aunto
Beaver Creek Lutheran Church by clfowler
Summer Wheat by ellestaples
King of forest by evgeni_ivanov
Photo  by kikkicat
sun flare by mhaeri
Animal beauty by luttymoreira
T R O U B L E  I N  S P A C E by spARTiat_de
lake_sunset sig by Rainbowman
Sun Gorge by offpin22
They Speak Without a Sound or Word by phil1
Autumn portrait by spARTiat_de
My Backyard by JoanCarsonMartelli