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Montmartre in the rain





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JenRaymond PRO+
JenRaymond October 30, 2020
So beautiful!!
P-C-M October 30, 2020
Paris.... my favorite place on the whole planet. Lovely, haunting capture.
DAsEye October 30, 2020
A very dreamy artistic feel to this, great image.
cavazbe PRO
cavazbe October 30, 2020
Love the light!
Hood PRO
Hood December 03, 2020
daveseye PRO
daveseye December 03, 2020
I like your style. You have some great pixs. Very moody .😃
ernieinslo PRO+
ernieinslo December 04, 2020
Love this picture, thanks for sharing it
MarilynDavies PRO
MarilynDavies December 04, 2020
Stunning shot! Love it!
dawnbelusic December 04, 2020
Absolutely stunning.
fengninja PRO
fengninja December 05, 2020
Wonderfully atmospheric!
Carlosas December 07, 2020
What a beautiful place. Montmartre and Sacre coeur in the background
imagineit PRO
imagineit December 07, 2020
Beautiful capture of Monmartre!!
JoanieP PRO+
JoanieP December 08, 2020
Beautiful , the lighting is perfect
Beyondtessaseyes PRO+
Beyondtessaseyes December 11, 2020
This is a work of art!!
Daviesartphotography PRO
Daviesartphotography December 13, 2020
Wow love it.
LOLallyouwant December 16, 2020
I love the contrast between the cold blue tones from the sky and the tops of the buildings with the warmer oranges of the lights and the umbrella the woman is holding. The umbrella also diverges from the woman herself who is dressed in what seems to be greyscale clothing which brings the image together very nicely.
Overall a beautiful piece, I can tell a lot of time and thought has gone into this.
philden PRO
philden December 17, 2020
Xbizdean PRO+
Xbizdean December 18, 2020
I love your processing style, not of just this photo, but many I have viewed...so inviting, so ethereal, so mystical. Would love to learn from you!!
prasadshikhare13 December 25, 2020
Top idea excellent execution 👌
Dellealpiph December 29, 2020
Impresionante 👌