The Lady in the red dress

Model wearing a long red flowy gound in the studio

Model wearing a long red flowy gound in the studio
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Behind The Lens

This Photo was my first test shoot after finishing the work on my studio on the french riviera
It was around noon but in the studio Time of day didn't really matter in the shot
One of the things I was eager to test was the infinity wall I had designed and made it had a 90 degree 90 cm liip which means the curse starts arround the level of the model's knees and the result is a very gradient fall of of the light. This was shot on a white wall the blue color was achieved with Gels and I put large soft foxes over those light to have a larger and softer diffusion of the light dome of that light was also used to contour the model's face and arm on camera right a dramatic effect they often use in movies to create the impression of night. The Model was light with a 70cm beauty dish with a diffusion sock over it that is also what causes the lighter hallow behind her. Also had a little speed light camera Left to give some texture to the dress
This was Shot on a Hasselblad H3DII on a 50-110 lens at 50mm which is roughly equivalent to 35mm on a 35mm equivalent sensor. I will get into the editing of the dress in the next questions but one of the important parts of the gear here is the leaf shutter in the lens that allows me to sync any flash at any shutter speed where conventional shutters will generally max out at 1/200 or 1/250 any faster without HSS (high speed sync) you get that mail box slot shadow and you start thinking your camera has a serious issue the first time that happens... well I did when I first discovered this So I am shooting at 1/800 in this shot with 4 strobes that don't have HSS. Even though the camera is heavy I hand hold It I like to be able to move change my angle, but I do shoot tethered so the model can have immediate feedback on the monitor.
The Major work on the studio was done I had been working on construction for 5 months and I was eager to shoot, I had not shot Bianca Vamvu in a year and it so happened Allure makeup was available and I had been looking to work with her for years so that all finally came together. I love contrast so I really wanted to see what this new infinity wall could do if instead of rolling down my paper I used the gels to light it. and I like a shot that has energy. sometimes motion, like in this example. I wanted to try and start with a bang in the studio, do something spectacular... or fail trying I was very pleased with the result and so was the rest of the creative team that worked on the image
The model's dress was unfortunately not really that long but we compiles various throws she did of the dress to get this effect also added the movement in her hair from another shot. I found out my new infinity wall is not perfectly smooth so I had to cover up a couple irregularities
In my camera bag
Well my studio is now my camera bag it's the main place I work, On the go I like my Canon rebel, small, light compact has a rotating screen if I wanna post a Vlog, I will usually have my Nifty Fifty (50mm) and either my sigma 18-200 or my OLLLLLDDDDDDD canon 35-350 It's a beast they don't make anything like it anymore... but it's big. I like having ND filters too, especially gradient ones have been helpful on the go when I don't have time to sit and wait for the sky to change or don't want to composite bracketed exposures Tripod or mono pod also comes in handy
to get a dynamic shot i believe it's important to have a dynamic set. So pick some good tracks with your model. Also even though there is editing involved shoot as many points of reference as you can it makes it easier to fit them in the jigsaw puzzle later. I find that acting out what you want from the model... as ridiculous as I may look showing her the pose it gives her a good visual and is also great for breaking the rigidity of cycling through the 4-5 same poses mechanically.Constant testing and adjusting is great, you have an idea test it out at least even if it doen't work you tried it and you are not thining back 2 days later Man I should have tries that. testing and adjusting light, angles,model poses is a great way to get your creative juices going and that's how happy accidents happen. I was not planning on having a hallow of light behind my model and was super happy that light spilled. And even if you don't have a studio, to this in a place where you and your model can both move

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