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tonyvasquez Feb 08
Fantastic shot!
justingage Jul 10
thank you

pink world





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Behind The Lens

I took this photographe in my studio on the french riviera. I built a 5m high 3m wide infinity wall and even when I use seamless papers it keeps it from getting cracked, wrinkled or torn as it sits right up on my structure
I say this everyone when I shot in the studio Studio time doesn't matter one of the reasons I love shooting in studio regardless of time of day I can consistently reproduce the same results
I wanted a shadow under her toe to emphasize the levitation, frozen in time, aspect of the shot while conveying the action of the model being mid jump. the rest of the lighting on the model is meant to be very clean and even but the spot where her poe would be touching the floor has a shadow (actually 2) to help emphasize she is no longer on the ground but floating. there are actually 2 shadows at her fet but of relatively similar intensities on goes lest to right from her toe that helps give a sens of how high off the ground she is, the other goes front to back and helps with a sens of death in this "pink world"
Hasselblad H3DII-39 placeAperture f/4?ISO 100?Shutter 1/800?Focal Length 65/1?
I had allot of success with tone on tone in a series with my wife for her makeup portfolio and I loved the idea of going full scale I had been collecting wardrobe pieces for about a year that fit in the pallet and if she is barefooted it's because I couldn't find shoes that were the right color or that inspired me and the studio can have a tendency to be so sterile so I didn't want to do major post processing
Lighting and contrast is pretty much all I adjust when I work in my studio, I put way more work in the Pre production (view bug that means you need to add a question for pre-prod) I make need to crop out some stuff maybe spot correct some dirt that got on the floor, but working in the studio is like being in a lab and too much editing in the "LAB" would feel lie I am fudging my results
In my camera bag
In the studio I shoot with Hasselblad H3DII-39 Up until last year I had a go bag with a canon rebel or 60d or 6d (depending on how serous my outing was I switched out the body) my lenses stayed the same 35-350mm (heavy as heck but can shoot any situation with it sorry canon not longer makes this) and a nifty fifty
It's all about preproduction for me and I know some people could get the same result in post prod even if the colors didn't match or the was just on her tip toes... this is how I work, this is how I blossom working on a project sometimes putting it on the side for a year and when a model friend from the UK comes I have an idea I can pull off the shelf and give her amazing pics for her portfolio and be proud of the result

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