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aruschandran March 15, 2018
both picture and Model looks awesome !
marcswales March 18, 2018
I've liked this, and I do. The colours especially, but I wonder if the model and the background detract from each other? The colours of the cabin would have made a good shot on their own, but I think I might have cropped it very slightly to lose the distracting lettering at the top.
justingage March 18, 2018
I couldn't agree more, this is a shot from 4 years ago and I was almost shocked when viewbug picked this one to be featured LOL I keep it to sho how far I have come and this was my first paid swimwear campaign assignment , but the over exposed bain next to the model, the slanted lines, the rusty empty umbrella stand that rock on the legand that ugly shadow up in the top left hand corner are all thing I would not stand for today. However despite all my mistakes the swimsuit and the model look OK and if I remeber correctly this was croped as a portrait in the final client's version.
melzonejohnson October 27, 2018
Yes but now you have become conformed, a picture is supposed to tell a and not become. a story because we don’t live in a perfect world.
TimKilbride Mar 18
Justin, thanks for the background story and for pointing out what you learned about seeing the whole frame instead of just the main subject. Framing matters.

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