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Flying on clouds

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Flying on clouds

Flying on clouds
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andrewthomson April 22, 2017
Superb - always in pursuit of that next perfect shot.
ClaudioPiccoli July 26, 2017
Thank you Andrew!!! :)
ThirdFacePhotography September 13, 2017
This might be the best picture ever. :)
shayacollins September 26, 2017
skolsen February 16, 2018
Beautiful shot
JB11 April 28, 2018
MonikaMolly April 13, 2019
Perfekt, awesome!!
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Behind The Lens


The photo has been taken in one the two field full of dandelions I know nearby. Quite a secret place because no one know them even if they are so visible from the street.


This is one of my favourite photo that I've taken in the afternoon with a strong sun that made the dandelions to be so brilliant and bright! Also the dog is reflecting the hour of the shot.


The light is natural and is on the back side of the dog. I like it so much because it creates the right atmosphere to make the dog flying on the clouds.


I used a Nikon D5 and a Nikon 300mm f/2,8 VR without any tripod, flash or any other gears. It was a challenge for me cause the difficult condition of light and the high of dandelions that hided the dog during the run making the dog fails easily.


I was looking for something different when I saw this field and I said to my wife: "this is a place I want for a special photo with our dogs in action". So, the same day I went there hoping no one have spoiled the field. I was lucky and I worked for 15 minutes with different dogs in different parts to try different light conditions.


I usually use the post processing light a make up on a pretty girl. I want people to notice the subject and the action before the post processing. I worked on the white color of the dandelions so make them soft and on the dog to save the details. Then I made the dark background more embedded in the composition.

In my camera bag

I usually bring my backpack with a Nikon D5 (that is an amazing camera for my kind of action), a Nikon D750 (a back-up), a Nikkor 300mm f/2,8 VR (that is the best lens I ever had and won't work in action without it), a Nikkor 200mm f/2,8 VRII (amazing for portraits), a Nikkor 105mm f/1,4 (one of the best lens in the world for portraits by my side with the right angle and perfect match between sharpness and transition to the blurred parts of a foreground/background), a Nikkor 14-24mm f/2,8 that I found amazing for the effect I can create with dogs and landscape.


I suggest to all photographers that love dogs and especially dogs in action, to look for something different respecting the dog and reading inside the subject the strength to reveal by a photo. I think dogs are the best models ever.

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