Rhapsody In Pink -Project 52, Week 8

The exquisite peony flower has long been a favorite of Asian artists and appears not only in painting but poetry and literature as well. It is a frequent moti...
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The exquisite peony flower has long been a favorite of Asian artists and appears not only in painting but poetry and literature as well. It is a frequent motif in Chinese art, featured on screen paintings, clothing and woodblocks. The peony is also a much-loved subject of Japanese artists, who have used it to adorn tapestries and porcelain. European artists, such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Vincent van Gogh, also sought to capture the peony’s beauty on canvas. Revered since ancient times, the peony has numerous legends attached to it. It gets its name from a Greek myth in which Paeon, physician to the gods, angered his teacher Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing. When Asclepius threatened to kill Paeon out of jealousy, Zeus saved him by changing him into the lovely flower we know today as the peony. In another legend, Paeon is a mortal who is spared death by being transformed into a beautiful flower.
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Peer Award
KarenKhawand roximax Gita adavies EMKardasiewicz yvonnechristinebannister Kaceoo +11
Outstanding Creativity
Hstarr Eileens_Moments candiscamera wemco2 animalartist Flosno rachelhelenhudson +9
Absolute Masterpiece
alishasunderman vsidles GGwathney trishzimmerman pristimer bobrgallegos conniehumphreys_3889 +7
Top Choice
coleenlindstrom Omegr mateobrigande debrakeushgenianbouderra VHiggins tomwillis ivanfurman +7
Superb Composition
vbdsanjuan63515691 mavishageman pjdelnay Jaxxlynn AnnaMonaghanPhotography ShazzyCo tonyahurseyboyd +3
All Star
Cookies4U gymmybob estercastillo08 DorisSeybold
mihrt trainwoman chuckrickman
Magnificent Capture
loveMustangs snowbird16
Superior Skill

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sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 February 17, 2017
absolutely gorgeous! シ
kathyk_abq February 17, 2017
Thanks, Mel - appreciated your help! ❤
chuckrickman Premium
chuckrickman February 19, 2017
Incredible Kathy. WOW
Daisy00 Premium
Daisy00 February 19, 2017
nina050 PRO+
nina050 February 19, 2017
Greeting card perfect!!!!
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman February 19, 2017
This is beyond beautiful..........
Kazza60 February 19, 2017
stunning edit Kathy !!
AnneDphotography February 19, 2017
outstanding work of art .... wow , you nailed this shot and edit :)
sue-zon PRO
sue-zon February 20, 2017
Wow! This is just exquisite, Miss Kathy! ッ
AmandaJayne February 20, 2017
Amazing edit Kathy love peonys .
DorisSeybold February 21, 2017
brilliant work Kathy!!!
mihrt February 21, 2017
wow this is so beautiful Kathy!! thanks so much for the history of this flower - never really knew it before. I just love it!!
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 February 21, 2017
Amazing !!
mihrt February 22, 2017
thanks for entering my USING CREATIVE BACKGROUND TEXTURES CHALLENGE !! good luck !
Bazz PRO+
Bazz February 22, 2017
Gorgeous!!! Love the edit!
terryc PRO+
terryc February 23, 2017
Gorgeous work, Kathy!!
Bazz PRO+
Bazz February 25, 2017
Wow .... This is amazing! Love the editing. May I ask how you accomplished this. Gorgeous!
deannefortnam PRO+
deannefortnam March 02, 2017
Lovely edit!
nadiapaul March 10, 2017
So delicate and beautiful Kathy!
Cookies4U PRO+
Cookies4U March 23, 2017
I love painterly edits and this is gorgeous!
adavies PRO
adavies August 13, 2017
Beautiful, Kathy! Looks so delicate...awesome edit! :)

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