The Good Stuff! - Project 52, Week 16

A broad-billed hummingbird photographed in Southern Arizona last week. It was a real thrill for me to see this bird!

A broad-billed hummingbird photographed in Southern Arizona last week. It was a real thrill for me to see this bird!
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Absolute Masterpiece
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NatureLoverJJWal KayBrewer

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sweetpea72 April 16, 2017
Ahhhhhhhhhhhmazin'..❤ this!! シ
garycoppin April 16, 2017
chuckrickman April 16, 2017
Every single detail is so crisp and clear. Pure genius Kathy.
nina050 April 16, 2017
Wow!!!!! Just fantastic!!!!
oneredrose57 April 16, 2017
Awesome! I absolutely love hummingbirds!
mihrt PRO+
mihrt April 16, 2017
WOW, this is so exceptional Kathy!!! a beautiful offering for Project 52, Week 16. The detail and pose you captured is superb !
trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman April 16, 2017
This is just gorgeous....magical
Bazz PRO+
Bazz April 16, 2017
Amazing .... Perfect! Well done Kathy!
Hood PRO+
Hood April 17, 2017
Stunning....meant to give mag. Capture but vb sooo sensitive..love it Kathy..
sue-zon PRO+
sue-zon April 17, 2017
Absolute perfection once again, Miss Kathy!!!! Love this! ッ
MicktheGreek PRO+
MicktheGreek April 17, 2017
Happy Easter Kathy (belatedly). I hope you are well. This is a great photo!
AmandaJayne April 17, 2017
Superb capture what a fantastic shot.
Kazza60 April 17, 2017
your detail is superb !!
JDLifeshots April 18, 2017
Amazing capture Kathy!
AnneDphotography April 18, 2017
I think this is your best to date ... wow , gorgeous !
lizziemellis Platinum
lizziemellis April 19, 2017
Simply gorgeous love this image:-)
Click_Here April 20, 2017
adavies April 23, 2017
Love this...so pretty! :)
CWphotos5 April 24, 2017
OH, WOW! Perfect
Flosno May 06, 2017
AAaahhh...made contact....wonderful shot
ziggyzoo52 May 06, 2017
Brilliant capture. Beautiful photo.
UnkleFrank May 09, 2017
Wonderful timing and focus. Beautiful!!!!
michaelmarcoux Platinum
michaelmarcoux May 13, 2017
This really is the perfect shot, fantastic!
DutchTouch Platinum
DutchTouch May 17, 2017
A perfect capture!
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka May 20, 2017
Excellent focus and composition.
KayBrewer Platinum
KayBrewer May 28, 2017
This is stunning! Genius! Outstanding skill!
JDLifeshots June 10, 2017
Beautiful capture! Voted Hummingbirds.
Alfredo_Jose June 12, 2017
Beautiful, a real master piece!
Davebfc7 June 16, 2017
Great shot
Twilightgirl Ultimate
Twilightgirl June 22, 2017
This has to be one of my favourite photos ever. That is awesome. Great job!!
Girlwiththepearl July 28, 2017
NatureLoverJJWal PRO+
NatureLoverJJWal August 24, 2017
Congratulations on your Grand winner award in All About Hummingbirds Photo challenge!
trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman August 24, 2017
AWESOME Grand winner in humming bird challenge
dreamwithyoureyesopen Ultimate
dreamwithyoureyesopen August 24, 2017
Well deserved Master Piece Kathy!!!
mcampi Platinum
mcampi August 24, 2017
Congratulations on winning the all about hummingbird challenge, much deserved ...
michaelmarcoux Platinum
michaelmarcoux August 24, 2017
I think this is the best shot of a hummingbird that I've seen, just perfect in so many ways. A well deserved win.
nina050 August 24, 2017
Congratulations on this well deserved win!!!! Just perfect!!
TPOO August 25, 2017
Well done Kathy! :)
KarenRoberts September 04, 2017
WOW what a true masterpiece!
dwatts May 19, 2018
This photo is "The Good Stuff' Great shot!
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Behind The Lens

This was taken in Patagonia, Arizona - an area between Tucson and the Mexican border that is famous for a large variety of birds, especially hummingbirds.
It was mid-afternoon.
The natural light was perfect due to high overcast.
I used a Nikon d5300 DSLR with a Nikon 55-300mm lens hand-held.
We traveled to Patagonia to see different varieties of hummingbirds not seen in Albuquerque. I love photographing birds, and getting to see this beautiful broad-billed hummingbird was a real thrill. Nature is always inspiring!
The photo needed only light post-processing for clarity and vibrance using Photoshop. The background was compressed naturally by the long lens.
In my camera bag
I always have my Nikon d5300, Nikon 55-300mm and Sigma 18-250mm macro lenses; and often my Nikon 40mm macro and Nikon 16-85mm lenses. All lenses have polarizer and ND filters, which are used depending on the situation. I carry extra cards, a remote release, and cleaning cloths and often have a tripod with me.
Capturing hummingbirds is always a challenge that requires patience and persistence! Knowing your subject and where they are likely to be is the first step. Be familiar with the types of flowers they like to feed from. I had seen hummers feeding on these flowers and decided to focus my camera there and cross my fingers! There is always luck involved when shooting birds. You have to be ready to take that shot in an instant. As always, know your camera and what settings you need to capture this type of subject. I love shooting birds because of the challenge and the great feeling when I actually capture a shot like this!

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