Alice's Goslings

These adorable goslings are obviously right out of Alice's garden! I found them among an odd assemblage of domestic ducks and geese all waiting for someon...
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These adorable goslings are obviously right out of Alice's garden! I found them among an odd assemblage of domestic ducks and geese all waiting for someone - anyone - go to come along with a loaf of bread!
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nina050 April 22, 2017
Gorgeous edit....and what adorable subjects!!
mcampi Platinum
mcampi April 22, 2017
Just wonderful, love the grouping and edit. Totally cool
Click_Here April 22, 2017
Wow, I just love this one! :)
tonyahurseyboyd April 23, 2017
Your textures are so good. I have tried to edit with them and can't seem to get the hang of it. Lovely photo :-)
trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman April 23, 2017
Cute little gang of fuzz....Wonderful edit
adavies April 23, 2017
Oh...this is awesome...so sweet...fantastic edit, Kathy! :)
sweetpea72 April 23, 2017
❤ this シ
chuckrickman April 23, 2017
How adorable. Love this.
Cookies4U April 23, 2017
Love the edit and the cute little ones together!
Cookies4U April 23, 2017
Love the edit and the cute little ones together!
AnneDphotography April 23, 2017
love this and the background is amazing !
Hood PRO+
Hood April 24, 2017
This is a great capture and edit.
CWphotos5 April 24, 2017
Pamelabole PRO
Pamelabole April 24, 2017
Aww ....so cute! Beautiful artistic touch!! : )
MaryMulholland April 24, 2017
So very cute but really hope no-one gives them bread despite it being a popular thing it is so unhealthy for birds - sunflower, pumpkin or other types of seeds preferred. :)
Bazz PRO+
Bazz April 28, 2017
Adorable! Wonderful capture1 Great detail.
mihrt PRO+
mihrt April 29, 2017
so BEAUTIFUL !!! lovely edit and capture Kathy !
Kazza60 April 29, 2017
how sweet !! love the edit !!
Flosno May 06, 2017
Love your edit here
deannefortnam May 08, 2017
Sweet, great edit
JDLifeshots May 15, 2017
Beautiful job!
DutchTouch Platinum
DutchTouch May 17, 2017
Nicely done!
Martinasphotos June 07, 2017
Beautiful, greetings, Martina
tonyahurseyboyd June 17, 2017
Congratulation Kathy I choose you as the winner of my goose challenge! I love all of your amazing textured photos. The detail is beautiful and elegant :-)
trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman June 17, 2017
Congratulations on your geese challenge win....very deserved
margaretgodfrey PRO
margaretgodfrey June 17, 2017
Congrats on winning Geese photo challenge Kathy :)
sweetpea72 June 17, 2017
Congrats, Mom.. Well deserved!! Xo
Hood PRO+
Hood June 18, 2017
Congratulations Kathy on winning the Geese Challenge...very well deserved my friend:^))))
NatureLoverJJWal PRO+
NatureLoverJJWal June 26, 2017
another award-winning capture. Congratulations on your award!
NatureLoverJJWal PRO+
NatureLoverJJWal June 26, 2017
Voted rule of thirds!
estercastillo08 July 04, 2017
Gorgeous !!
NatureLoverJJWal PRO+
NatureLoverJJWal July 07, 2017
voted wildlife portrait! Amazingly beautiful!
Bazz PRO+
Bazz June 10, 2018
Adorable! Fabulous capture! Thank you for joining my "Favourite Photo" challenge! Good Luck!
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Behind The Lens

While my husband was lecturing at New Mexico Tech University in April, I started wandering the campus with my camera. I was quite amazed by the assemblage of geese and ducks found there, both wild and domestic, including one pair of geese with five goslings.
It was mid-afternoon on a sunny day when I began to shoot, and I spent about two hours there.
The light was natural and sunny, but not harsh.
I was using my Nikon d5300 with a Nikon 55-300 lens attached.
I rarely get to see goslings, so I was quite excited to see this little family. Seeing baby creatures of any kind always inspires me!
I love Alice in Wonderland and wanted to give this shot a whimsical look. I think goslings are so magical! I played with a variety of textures until I got the look I wanted, while still keeping the shot natural. I also used some "magic lights" - something I found on a scrap-booking site. I did my editing using CC Photoshop.
In my camera bag
I normally carry my Nikon d5300 camera plus Nikon 55-300mm, Sigma 18-250 macro lens, Nikon 18-55mm and Nikon 40mm macro - all equipped with polarizer filters. I always have extra cards, cleaning cloths, battery pack, and a remote shutter release.
Check out your environment wherever you are. I didn't know there was a pond in this location until I began walking. I always find something that inspires me because I'm always looking! I looked for opportunities to isolate the goslings and get a chance at a closer shot. I move around a lot wherever I am, looking for different angles and views... and keep my eyes open!

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