A Rainy Day in Iceland

It was raining and foggy - a very dark day - when I took this near Vik, Iceland. The lava rock is covered with reindeer moss, which is very green and spongy to ...
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It was raining and foggy - a very dark day - when I took this near Vik, Iceland. The lava rock is covered with reindeer moss, which is very green and spongy to walk on. The whole countryside seemed to run with water and is as green as anywhere I have ever seen.
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Contest Finalist in Green Landscapes Photo Contest
Peer Award
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Superb Composition
randalpair IMIKEMEDIA leckie45 vbdsanjuan63515691 aruns2282 DutchTouch grn_turtle +13
Absolute Masterpiece
Beno62 gallmese TPOO kahuamp jamiesarkett LittleBitCountry bobbytaylor +11
Top Choice
robynsygrove florinhorhat countryside KayBrewer larryollivier Coshooter lizziemellis +4
Magnificent Capture
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Superior Skill
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mihrt PRO+
mihrt March 04, 2017
Very unusual place, with fantastic scenery, nothing else like it on earth......well done Kathy!!
sue-zon PRO+
sue-zon March 05, 2017
Whoa! What a stunning image, Kathy. And it really must be viewed full screen to fully appreciate it! Wow! ッ
nina050 March 05, 2017
Just gorgeous! Can't wait to go!
sweetpea72 March 05, 2017
Im jumpin in ur suitcase シ
sweetpea72 March 05, 2017
this is absolutely gorgeous... Iceland is on my bucket list! シ
trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman March 06, 2017
This is amazing....
kathykuhn100 PRO
kathykuhn100 March 06, 2017
Had to be Iceland -- beautiful composition & textures!
waynecook March 07, 2017
Bazz PRO+
Bazz March 07, 2017
Imagine living there with nothing but gorgeous scenery! Well done Kathy!
lizziemellis Platinum
lizziemellis March 09, 2017
Wonderful landscape.. Icelandic scenery is awesome a photographers heaven:-))
chuckrickman March 09, 2017
I see why you fell in love with this. Truly spectacular.
MaryMulholland March 11, 2017
Brings to mind the scenery described in Burial Rites by Hannah Kent wonderful image such amazing isolation shown here :)
Coshooter March 12, 2017
Beautiful capture!
Bruz Platinum
Bruz March 25, 2017
What an amazing capture. Yep it is on my to do list.
JDLifeshots May 15, 2017
Looks like a neat place to visit and photograph! Good job.
DutchTouch Platinum
DutchTouch May 17, 2017
jamiesarkett June 03, 2017
beautiful :)
NatureLoverJJWal PRO+
NatureLoverJJWal August 15, 2017
Voted green landscape. This is really fantastic image
KayBrewer Platinum
KayBrewer August 25, 2017
Congratulations! Finalist in the Green Landscapes contests! Fabulous, moving picture!
kathyk_abq August 31, 2017
Thanks so much, Kay! They finally actually gave me a finalist award!
TPOO August 31, 2017
Congratulations Kathy! Its a fabulous capture :)
nina050 September 05, 2017
I missed congratulating you on this !!! It's beautiful ! :-)
Neckbone September 12, 2017
Beautiful scene and capture!
GayleLucci Platinum
GayleLucci October 02, 2017
Absolute perfection! Gorgeous! Congratulations!
Forrest_Imagery November 04, 2017
What a fantastic capture !
I wish I could have been there to take this shot myself.
What a wonderful experience you must have had to see this in person. Envious? Yes !
Excellent composition, shutter speed and saturation !
adavies June 02, 2018
Beautiful scene! Love the energy in the water...awesome job! :)
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