Stretch1904 March 01, 2017
HAHAHAHAH Don't know if I should be laughing at its expression, but it looks cute/funny
markmorones March 05, 2017
Great capture!
Grayandcolours August 12, 2017
Lovely shot!
Alfredo_Jose June 14, 2018
Gorgeous capture!
VieruAndreiSilviu December 07, 2018
Foarte fain! Bravo.
Dragos_Pop December 07, 2018
Multumesc !
Baile963 December 12, 2018
Oh I a absolutely love this. This is great
Dragos_Pop December 12, 2018
Thank you !

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Jan, 2017


Asio Otus

Submitted to Photo Contests


Won Runner Up in Beautiful Owls Photo ContestDecember, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Beautiful Owls Photo ContestNovember, 2018
Won Peer Choice AwardNovember, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Wildlife Portraits Photo ContestJuly, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in We Love Animals Photo ContestMarch, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 18February, 2017
Won Editor's ChoiceJanuary, 2017


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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken on the outskirts of Bucharest, Romania.
It was a crisp winter morning. I was up before sunrise and went to find the owls. I knew that during the winter they stay closer to old buildings looking for rats and mice. I live near an old palace so I went there to find them.
Owls are difficult to find during the day because they hunt at night. I hoped that if I got there early in the morning I would find some of them still active. I was lucky to find this one sitting in a beautiful tree covered in fresh snow. The one thing missing was a little more light on the owl. I waited for a few minutes and the light softly covered the owl. It was perfect !
This was shot with my old friend, the Canon 5D mk II and a 70-300 L.
I love nature. I shoot mostly landscapes but I love animals and birds too. The owl is one of my favorite creatures and I tried to photograph one for a long time.
I kept a low level of post processing since the light was good and I wanted a natural look.
In my camera bag
I take my 5D mk II anywhere with me. I also carry the 16-35 L for landscapes and the 70-300 L for subjects far away.
When you want to photograph birds you have to be really patient. Learn more about your subject and try to anticipate where it will be and wait for the light to be just right. I took me 3 days to take this photo so patience is key :)

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