Camping in the clouds

Camping in the Carpathians

Camping in the Carpathians
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marcbaechtold May 13, 2018
nice work! Some nice colors and good contrast, keep shooting!
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo on a hiking trip in the Carpathians. We set the tends near the peak. It's a breathtaking place on the bridge of the Carpathians. You have Transylvania on one side and Walachia on the other.
I woke up well befor sunrise to take some photos. I took this one just as the sun was coming up behind the peak.
I was glad to see some clouds as the sunrise was getting closer. The sun was rising behind the peak and filled the sky with beautiful colors.
I used my old Canon 5D MkII and the 14mm Samyang manual lens. On my hikings I carry a small, light tripod.
I took a lot of photos that morning and I was getting ready to return to my tent but I saw how calm this setting was so I had to setup my tripod and take one more photo. I was inspired by the look of the sunrise coming up behind the peak and the sea of clouds filling the valley.
As for most of my landscape photos, I took two different exposures, one for the sky and one for the ground. I merged the two and then processed the resulting image, adjusting some tones and levels.
In my camera bag
I try to keep a light baggage on my hiking trips. I take my Canon 5DmkII and a ultra wide lens paired with a small tell. I also carry a small, light tripod and some spare batteries, filters, etc.
Forget about sleep when you go on a photo trip :). Go to sleep late, wake up early. Try some scouting during midday and find your future shots. Prepare for when the light is perfect and take your shot.

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