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SuzMDixon October 22, 2015
Beautiful - so immense and so many of them!
Kazza60 October 24, 2015
wonderful POV and great composition !!
Bazz PRO+
Bazz October 26, 2015
Awesome capture! Love this!
sweetpea72 October 30, 2015
I love doing these shots...Love this,Bestie! :)
quincyfloyd PRO+
quincyfloyd November 09, 2015
Great point of view
chrisjarvis PRO
chrisjarvis November 12, 2015
Well done with another finalist :) x
Quantumrobin November 13, 2015
lol makes my eyes go funny this one coz i almost wanna crane my neck up!? Fantastic photo sweetie!
SuzMDixon November 15, 2015
Congrats again on your finalist status - that must be the third time this week!
estercastillo08 November 15, 2015
Congratulations being a finalist !
estercastillo08 December 06, 2015
Voted Image of the Year
IsabelPing December 07, 2015
trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman December 09, 2015
Great finalist finish......VERY happy for you
Parallel December 09, 2015
My congratulations!
onyanita PRO+
onyanita December 09, 2015
Yay...Contest Finalist. Congrats Anne!
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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken at Algonquin Provincial Park on the side of a small road leading to a campsite ... we stood only a few meters away from the car in the middle of tree clusters that were everywhere .. they were so tall and we knew they would be wonderful to capture , but when we looked up we were in awe and wanted the rest of the world to see how amazing our forests can be ....
later in the afternoon , while driving many miles and touring many different scenes and amazing places along Algonquins special and beautiful roads ...
the light was natural , the sun was high but diffused by clouds ... inside the cluster of trees it was darker and we knew we would be dealing with an over contrasted sky to get the proper lighting of the trees , we played for a while with the settings using a few different ones and finally after quite a few shots we were satisfied
for this shot , the Canon T3i was used and the ground was my tripod ... I wanted as much height as I could get and with as much surrounding I could use .... so I used my 10-20 sigma lens at 10 mm.... no flash , no filter and no equipment except the camera and lens ... we used what was there in front of us and nature was kind enough to cooperate with all its beauty
we love nature and we respect nature , it deserves to be showcased in a perspective to glorify its beauty ... I want the world to see what Canada has to offer and this was part of it ....
I did small adjustments in lightroom to help bring up the sky a little bit .... a bit of clarity boost and luminance boost to loose some of the grain ... and added a small amount of vignette around the edges ...
In my camera bag
I carry my canon T3i and T5i camera with my 70-300 lens and 18-55 kit lens and my 10-20 sigma lens ... I have filters (Hoya) and cleaning supplies and a few other lenses, sigma 105 macro , tamaron 28-300 , and tele -converter ... I have 3 different tripods , my diffuser for the flash , flash ring , and other accessories , batteries and cards ...
I would say visit as many provincial parks as possible in every season if you can , in Canada the changing of seasons will give you such a great variety of sky and nature sceneries, play with angles and perspectives of all kinds ... open your minds and eyes and really see what is around you , love what you are seeing and feel it ... if we are good to nature it will be good to us , there is a beautiful amazing world out there and to put yourself in it will give you a vision saved in memory as well as a vision you capture for life ... when the moment is gone and you look into that viewfinder and see it there in front of you , you know it will be held onto forever in your work ...

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