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Samsung NX3000
Contest Finalist in 500 Expressions Photo Contest
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trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman October 20, 2015
Too cute for words...........
onyanita PRO+
onyanita October 21, 2015
well aren't they a happy pair! Fabulous capture.
animals October 21, 2015
DonnaChiofolo PRO+
DonnaChiofolo October 23, 2015
This is hilarious! Nicely captured Anne. :)
SublimeExposures October 27, 2015
This is so cute! I love how you were able to capture the emotions in this photo.
joachimthomas January 20, 2016
^_^ ^_^ ^_^
SuzMDixon January 20, 2016
Congratulations on being a finalist - I love this shot!
chrisjarvis January 21, 2016
Well done with getting another finalist :) x
KayBrewer Platinum
KayBrewer January 21, 2016
Congratulations, Anne - Finalist 500 Expressions!
joycealicesmith January 25, 2016
Congratulations on your win!! Love this photo!
chrisjarvis January 25, 2016
congratulations my anne :) xx
Bazz PRO+
Bazz January 25, 2016
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on Winning Grand Jury Winner in the 500 Expressions Photo Contest! Way to go!!!!!
Kazza60 January 25, 2016
congratulations on your great success with this awesome image Anne .. well deserved :)
SuzMDixon January 25, 2016
Hey! You won! Well done !!
Chrism January 25, 2016
Congratulations on winning the 500 expressions contest!! Terrific photo and well done sis!! There should be more of it lol :)
NanaSue54 January 25, 2016
Congrats Anne!! I'm happy for you!! :)
sweetpea72 January 25, 2016
Mega Congrats to you Bestie... Im proud and Happy for you!! You rock..xoxo
KayBrewer Platinum
KayBrewer January 26, 2016
Anne!!!! HOOORAY!!! Way to go, chica! Won that Expressions contest, yes you did!! (and you were surprised when it was a finalist.....) Congratulations so much!
mihrt PRO+
mihrt February 08, 2016
WOW, congrats on winning the Camera!!! and for the Expressions Contests!!! can totally see why you were chosen!
arunmehargangarajukavikondala February 19, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
MaryGraceMontana February 19, 2016
This image sparks a lot of happiness. Thank you.
estercastillo08 April 16, 2016
Congratulations on your win !!!
estercastillo08 April 16, 2016
Congratulations on your win !!!
estercastillo08 April 16, 2016
Voted Family Fun
mihrt PRO+
mihrt June 26, 2016
Voted 500 Dads for this fantastic shot.
Dreamcatcer September 29, 2017
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at my home .... it was a special Occasion for my brother and he asked to do it at my home
it was late afternoon , after my brother Andy Proposed to his fiancée Shelley and she accepted ... everyone had been in a fun and excited mood and my niece was one very happy little girl ..... and I was the lucky one that got to capture all the moments of this wonderful event ....
it was a grey day and the lighting was poor because of the late time , almost at dusk .... I had to boost the ISO a bit higher than I wanted but I didn't want to loose out on the shot so I took it anyway ... it was near the end of our celebration day anyway .
I used my Canon T3i for this Occasion with my 18-55 lens to get as much light in as I could ...I wanted to avoid the flash , so I used natural light from the sliding door ... I did this hand help , but usually use a tripod ....
what inspired me to take the shot was all the excitement and happy faces , but mostly my brother Andy and niece Willow that deserve much happiness !
because of the high ISO , I did have to use post processing in photoshop and Topaz .... I did have to do an HDR black and white and make it moody to go with the expressions , I wanted a pop with out overdoing it ... I wanted the expressions to stand out above all else ...
In my camera bag
I Carry my Canon T5i and my T3i , my sigma 10-20 mm, canon 18-55, tamaron 28-300 mm , sigma 105 mm macro , nd filters, flash ring, cleaning kit, hoods, extra batteries ... monopod, tripod
Try to keep your family and friends and those you are trying to capture comfortable with the camera ... keep them relaxed and make it fun to be photographed ... never put yourself or your clients under stress during a shoot , make it fun and you must enjoy the shoot as well ... this is a passion to many of us in here , and we can create a passion for capturing precious moments to last a lifetime ....

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