What are you thinking my sweet James





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sweetpea72 September 21, 2014
I love the look..xoxox ")
Chrism September 22, 2014
OMG he's starting to look like a boy and not a toddler anymore. I love this and it does make one wonder what he's thinking. Beautiful portrait as always :)
Elyzabeth PRO
Elyzabeth September 23, 2014
What a beautiful portrait!
NanaSue54 October 20, 2014
Love this portrait!!! He's a heartbreaker!!! :)
traceprinslooreppin October 23, 2014
...such a wonderful portrait the B&W :-)
IsabellaD Premium
IsabellaD December 25, 2014
Superb shot, awesome bokeh !
billythekid January 02, 2015
Great job capturing that look, so intense for someone so young.
toddstanleyphotography January 16, 2015
you do some wonderful portrait work
AnneDphotography January 31, 2015
Thank you to all that voted and to Laureneverhard for running this Challenge :)
dareco May 08, 2015
mountainman70 May 11, 2015
this could be the one - voted
kenyken September 22, 2015
Love it!
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Behind The Lens

This Photo was taken at the Park just around the corner from where I live ... a special day for my grandson and I , since I only do this as a hobby I find my passion for learning different techniques for portrait really comes into play when I am with my grandchildren ... the park was a perfect place to take advantage light and action shots ....
This shot was taken around 1-2 pm in the afternoon ... the day was perfect temperature, not hot but not cold ... we could play and get different types of shots at this time of day without running out of light ....
it was cloudy then sunny , so I had to pay attention to both his facial expressions and the lighting in the sky and try to time things right which was not easy to do ... lucky for me , I had asked him a question about what he wanted to do for lunch and that put him deep in thought at the right time ... the clouds covered and I snapped away !
I used my Canon EOS Rebel T3i , with the 18-55 mm lens , and a 75-300 mm lens this day , UV filters , no tripods, no flashes ...
I love taking candid shots and special moment shots , lifestyle photography ... children grow up so quickly and with todays technology and how its so much easier to use and learn , I feel its important to take advantage of this gift and use it when ever we can ... I am leaving behind something for my grandchildren they will keep for a lifetime and something they can pass on forever ...
I do use post processing , I use photoshop 10 and lightroom 5 ... I love to play and have fun with my photos , and sometimes I like to just give a little boost ... it depends on the photo and the look I want .. with this one , I created a more dramatic look by turning it into a black and white and adding more contrast and boosting the clarity .... it was done in Lightroom 5
In my camera bag
I prefer to keep a few lenses , my 18-55 kit lens ... my 75-300 lens and my extra stock of batteries and cards ... extra filters , cleaning product .... I try to keep it light .
The only advice I can give is let the children be themselves ... converse with them , play with them , be a child if you have to ... patience , love , dedication , and just be passionate about what your doing ... don't make it a job , make it your enjoyment !

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