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Sony Alpha a6000 Camera
Contest Finalist in Unreal Realities Photo Contest
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kasper PRO+
kasper September 11, 2015
congrats. It is an outstanding shot. Terrific.
CWphotos5 September 12, 2015
A bit gruesome in content, but delightfully executed! Congratulations!
Masabus September 13, 2015
Thanks kasper and CWphotos5!

Behind The Lens

I took this shot not far away from my home. There are plenty of spiders and webs around at late summer.
This was shot around 1 hour before sunset and there wasn't much sunlight left.
Only natural light was used in this photo.
Shot on a Samsung NX1000 with 50mm f/1.7 reversed lens, 20mm extension tubes and tripod since there wasnt enough sunlight left. Also used remote trigger to get rid of camera shake.
There are lots of spiders and other bugs around during late summer for macro photography. The location where i was shooting was full of webs and spiders so it was just a matter of picking the most interesting web to shoot at. Spider eating it's prey was something that cought my attention, so i quickly started to adjust my tripod for the shot.
I used Lightroom for post-processing, like with all of my photos. I think this shot worked well with just grey and orange tones, the rest of the colors weren't needed for this image.
In my camera bag
I always carry fast 50mm lens with extension tubes and/or reverse rings to get these macro shots if needed, and usually there's lots of action going on in macroscale. It's big world out there in macroscale.
Shooting macro in outdoor can be tricky. There's no control for wind, light and weather in general. You really need time and patience especially in low-light situations. Even more so when using reverse rings and/or extension tubes, because they do have the tendency to "eat" light. Solid tripod with remote shutter release are essential when doing macro.

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