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Feb, 2015

SP2: Jade

Rebecca Hausman as Jade
Hair and Makeup by Abbi Lawrence

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Won People's Choice in Cosplay Mayhem Photo ChallengeMay, 2015


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Behind The Lens

This one was shot at Union 206 Studio in Alexandria VA
This one was mid day. I know we shot Rebecca (aka Jade)'s SP2 shoot early on, with Michele (aka Raven). Everybody had a rehearsal or an event in the evening, so we shot early on a Sunday morning. Starting at 11.
Big, large light sources for these shoots. A beauty dish for my key light, then some large softboxes for fill light. I can't say for sure how many lights I had for this set up. It was a long morning and we did a lot of light set ups.
I shot on a Canon 7D with my usual 24-108mm F/4L lens. Its my favorite for these studio shoots. Our lights were a trio of AlienBee's with a few different modifiers.
Our Sucker Punched project has been a cornerstone project for us. Originally a born out of a desire to do some bad ass action her shoots and have some fun, the project quickly took on an empowerment theme, when some of my early models talked about how dressing up as an original character and posing like a bad ass made them feel. They felt powerful and dangerous and sexy. So we started talking about what else we could do. We raised some money, raised the stakes and created a project that not only makes out models feel awesome, but give some positive female icons for people to look at. A photo of a woman with a weapon doesn't have to be a sex object. Nor does she have to be un-feminine. We've got super heroes here. On top of that, we also make donations to RAINN ( every time we make any money with this series, to help them in their mission to fight abuse.
I did some skin smoothing and some color boosting. I wanted the green tones to be strong and distinct. A little work was done to remove some logos and clean up the lines of the outfit (sometimes leather just won't fold right). Rebecca is one of the most stunning women I've ever met in my life, so as far as retouching work is done. Her parents have far more to do with the beauty here than I do.
In my camera bag
My usual studio bag is my 7D, my 24-108 F/4, my 50mm F/1.4 and my memory cards. Everything else is at the studio or part of the costume bag. I try not to carry too many lenses or gadgets with me to the studio.
Cosplay is all about posing. Your model has to BE something. Not just be WEARING something. Sucker Punched characters have the advantage of being designed in a collaborative process between me, my costumer, my assistant and the model. So the fact that these ladies have some ownership of the character goes a long way. But really focus on poses. Where they hold their center. The chin being up or down. How confidently they manage their props (a little weapon training goes a long way). Do they LOOK like a superhero or do they FEEL like a superhero? There's a big difference there and it will show up strongly on camera.

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