GCallahan May 09
Great photo! Love the spear. I never would have thought of that.
pietnel May 31
Stunning shot beautiful young lady

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Mar, 2018

Wonder Women - Karlee

Model: Karlee Dunham

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Behind The Lens

This image was shot at Union 206 Studio, in Alexandria VA. We used their "Studio B" which is geared more towards portrait, editorial and boudoir work.
Early evening, I think. We all met up after Karlee's day job was over.
We shot this using a pair of Alien Bee 800 studio lights. Large softbox on the key light.
I shot with my Canon 7D Mark II, using Pocket Wizard triggers to the Alien Bees. I shot with my usual lens, the Canon 24-105mm F/4. It's a great non-specialized lens, great for smaller studio spaces and it's given me a lot of amazing shots.
We've been doing our Wonder Women series for a year and a half now, I believe that Karlee was our 22nd in the series. We were inspired to the series by the scene in the Wonder Woman film where Diana shows up to the party in her blue gown with the sword hidden down the back of the dress. I saw that in the trailer in the movie theater and I immediately turned to my wife and said "I have an idea for a photo project". Since then, it's been gorgeous women in beautiful gowns with fancy weapons. Working with Karlee specifically was a no brainer. She's an incredibly striking woman and she's been on our model wish list for a while. When the stars aligned and we had the chance to shoot, we jumped at it.
Lots of dodging and burning. More so than I usually do, but I wanted to play with turning up the intensity a bit. I wanted the images of Karlee to have an angelic quality, where her skin and hair glowed a bit out of the dark background.
In my camera bag
For studio shoots I usually have my 7D Mark II, my 24-105mm F/4L lens, my 50mm f/1.4 and a few memory cards. Nothing unusual. The spear is not a common camera bag accessory.
Aside from picking a model who's incredibly striking, pay attention to how all your angles are aligning. In this instance, I was really careful about the lines being created by the couch back, couch arm, spear, the line of her body, her's a whole series of lines that go along with each other, or cross each other. Make strong choices. Second thing, pay attention to you light falloff.

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