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Remraf May 24, 2015
Great shot!
tetvet May 24, 2015
WOW, great shot, congrats
chuckrickman May 24, 2015
Congratulations on being featured.
moremdm May 29, 2015
Great composition, and superb contrast!
Capture-Life June 09, 2015
this ROCKS! I love the deep thought in his eyes !!! :):)
ronaldwebb August 29, 2015
Great view of a determined face!
markrowe_5733 January 27, 2016
Fan-blooming-tastic!!! Top class picture Kcable!

Andretti Driver

Close up of Andretti driver
Close up of Andretti driver
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Behind The Lens

Miami Homestead Speedway Indy Race In the pits ready to leave
Afternoon race
Lighting is tough at most races. I take along a flash for flash fill, for extreme shadow to open up the contrast
Nikon D200, Nikon Flash, 60mm Micro Nikon,
I was following the Andretti team and wanted a close up of the driver
In photoshop I corrected the image and then treated it to black & white with tonal correction
In my camera bag
It depends on the job? I have three different bags that I use. For this job was a medium bag two bodies and three lenses and a flash
When shooting the Pro series on racing NASCAR, Indy or E Formula, they have a lot of restrictions. mores so then the average local race track. Take a mono pod, tripods are cumbersome and hard to use most of the time. Long lenses are a must for most of the race. Short lenses are good for in the garage or close up of cars before the race. 300, 400, are a great choice and the faster the better for low light evening and night races. I suggest 2.8 on the f/stop for a fast lens.

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