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Partial color portrait of a toddler.

Partial color portrait of a toddler.
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OUTTHERE July 03, 2014
very cool.
B-D-S July 06, 2014
Just Awesome !!!
hwishnick PRO+
hwishnick July 13, 2014
Great shot and post production. When will he be picked up?
tmlakshmi PRO+
tmlakshmi August 04, 2014
cute. well done, vtd
Eyeconic August 31, 2016
Wonderful child portrait. Great colour post work

Behind The Lens

In my studio.
Around 4pm.
One large softbox to right, one large shoot through umbrella to left and an overhead light with a 20 degree grid for the hair light.
Handheld Canon 5D Mk II, Canon 24-70L lens and 3 Alien Bee 800 flashes.
I was going for a moody yet colorful image. I wanted it to feel old yet still have a playfulness that says "child".
Sure. After basic processing of the highlights and shadows I copied the image set it to overlay and performed a High Pass filter on the layer. This gave the image the over all grungy look and sharpened it at the same time. I then did a little selective sharpening to refine some features. Next I added an adjustment layer to turn the photo black and white and then only complete dropped out the blue, cyan and magenta and reduced the other colors to around 50%.
In my camera bag
Canon 5D Mk II, Canon 24-70L, Sigma 17-35EX, Sigma 150-500, A large set of ND filters and a couple polarizers and I also always carry a radio trigger and a sturdy tripod.
Lighting sets the mood. In the studio take the time to get the lights right and it will save you countless hours of retouching. For this setup the Main light is the softbox on the left, the light on the right is only about 1/2 stop less power and the overhead light is at about half power.

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