Aurora Borealis in Lofoten Islands , Norway by francescorusso
R707 putting on a show. by stephenpretty by Soulkey
I have not been taking photos very long bought my first camera in 2012 a second hand Pentax K10 purchased on EBay 

I upgraded to a Pentax K5 in 2013  by Bob-Riach
The pyrotechnic display as put on by Mother Nature over Kirra Beach Queensland Australia by juliebowser
The Kiss by Quantummist
Sydney Harbour Bridge by joe_menggolo
Everything is moving fast around this area but this tiny road is static. This image is trying to tell us while our life is feel static but in reality  by sofwanredzuan
Broadway, the 5th and the 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) illuminated, like the arteries of a giant living being, and shot from the top of the Emp by RiccardoMantero
Taken at the Historic Elan Valley, This is where they practiced with the bouncing bombs. by philowen
After it seems like an eternity I've finally managed to edit another shot from a night shoot at Egton Bridge in North Yorkshire that was taken back in by davidrelph
I Took this at night in Palm Springs, CA by larryrogers
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Wanaka Way - over the last few days a crop of this image has been doing the rounds, I'd like to put a b by Mike_MacKinven

Composite of two shots, both taken in South Dakota.
Sky exif - 30 sec f2.8 3200iso
foreground exif - 500 sec f2.8 100iso by aaronjgroen
Holy Lights by Structor
Seattle Space Needle in the Fog by Zeattle
Moving at night by shirariegler
Claustrophobia by HappyMelvin
Panorama from 8 vertical images

Instagram: @sergio_vindas by sergiovindas
Coal Ship by HughCotter
Joshua N. Lopez Photography by Joshua_N_Lopez
The Louvre by chriszhao
Electrifying guitar!!! by PHOTOHAPPY
The milky way arc panorama made from 7 vertical images. there was some light pollution but in this case I like the look.. Hope you like it. by sergiovindas
Milky way above McWay Falls by michaelkovler
2 very ancient trees growing even older together.  The MW adds the timelessness to it, as always. by awu88
7 Image stack of storm that rolled into Mesa,AZ 8-17-13
5D mk3 Zeiss 21mm ISO 200 f4.5 15 second exposures by yipDog
Marshall Point Milkyway by stephenippolito
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and likes and well WOW !!!! great to be on Aprils Feature :) .

Very little is known about these woode by jonnywilliams
Sibillini National Park by Night by francescorusso
This Star Trail was captured in outback, South Australia. by ShannonRogers1
night windmill by PHOTOHAPPY

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