Okanagan Lake by Raven_511
Christmas in the country by VanessaLeeImagery
And The Light Was Good by richardjohns_6190
Roadside Grass by barbaracharlton
Blue Feather Cloud Okanagan Lake by mrlarrys
BX Falls Vernon by amandazais
Golden Falls by douglasdrouin
Take my Hand  by douglasdrouin
Leading Line by douglasdrouin
Park by douglasdrouin
A Moment In Time by richardjohns_6190
Down That Highway Road by douglasdrouin
Hanging Out by douglasdrouin
Summer Sunset by Beautybehindthe_lens
Fall Reflections by DanushiaDee
Evening sail by Kathy_Harms_Photography
Branching Out by richardjohns_6190
Sittin' on the Dock by iwalker5
Surface by douglasdrouin
Peaches by davebelcher