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elued29 February 19, 2015
SO great luck!!! As outstanding beautiful view - as
wonderful picture!!!!!!
Beats435 February 26, 2015
so serene, such a beautiful palette.






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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Penticton B.C. Canada in the Okanagan Valley. This is looking south over Skaha Lake on a bridge over the river.
I snapped this at about 10 a.m. late February when the water is normally at its calmest
There was really nothing to speak of with lighting. It's almost always overcast and you shoot with the variable breaks in the clouds. It usually requires a higher ISO rating but sometimes the clouds will break giving you an incredible environment to shoot on
This was shot on a Nikon D610 and a 24-70mm 2.8 Nikkor lens
I had been driving around most of the morning shooting because the lake was so still and the breaks in the interminable cloud cover were so frequent. As I was passing over the bridge I could see this Kayak coming up the river. There was a small flock of geese in his way and I knew it would make for an amazing shot if I could capture it. So I parked in the middle of the bridge, on a highway; jumped across the bridge and 4 lanes of traffic. And missed the shot. But managed to capture stills of him passing under the bridge and through the channel into the lake regardless
I used Lightroom 5 to increase the exposure and notch the white balance a shade higher and used a dodge and burn on the lake surface and clouds
In my camera bag
I travel with a Lowe Pro Nova Sport and carry around a Nikon D610 with a few different lenses depending on the shooting conditions when I leave the house. Landscapes are always my 35mm 1.8mm, 24-70 2.8mm, 14-24 2.8mm and on the odd occasion a 79-200mm 2.8. All Nikon Nikkor lenses. For portraits and event photography I also carry a 50mm 1.8 (because it's the greatest lens on the planet at that length) an 85mm 1.8 and of course various flashes and triggers.
There is no real advice to give to capture a good shot. Think the shot through, pick your lighting conditions and time of day and most importantly shoot. Always shoot. You can spend days in classes or weeks on the computer learning about photos, composition, lighting schemes and more But if you're not shooting you're never going to really learn let alone get the shot

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