A Day Of Exploring by thomaszakowski
Russian winter by vladsokolovsky
Frozen Solitude by sandrakorb
Frozen in Time by Heidtn
Warming up with the early morning sun by harmenpiekema
white clothing...(2) by grandpa_Vlad
Winter's arrival by alechickman
Into the Light by Mariko
white shrub... by grandpa_Vlad
Save Me From The Cold! by GaryCummins
Bell tower in Reschensee(Lago di Resia) by alindinu
Splash by SarahJanePhotography
Ham water into snow.  by adamjmckay
Ice skaters on the ice of lake Baikal by EvgenyDubinchuk
a fallen tree... by grandpa_Vlad
Beyond the Horizon by phil1
Fenced autumn by dmytrokorol
weeping winter's fog  by tinahailey
Ice Cave by SueLeonardPhotography
Man and his Dog by BorisToronto
Track The Light by thomaszakowski
Skansen - Arctic Norway by JKBPhotography
Old Farm House by Frozen Birch Trees by AnnuO
Deep Freeze by BorisToronto
Frozen by Gita
Last Light by torpedersen
white silence... by grandpa_Vlad
You Can Not Save Me by tpruessner
The Leftover by Zouhair