A pair of Green Crowned Hummingbirds by uniquephotoarts
_MG_5187_crop by PeteBobb
Speckled Starling by adriansart
Feather water droplet by rhiannyn
* by anetacoufalova
Two of Us by Ferdie2551
Cattle Egret by tmtburke
fairytale by fokusgefluester
Falling angel by nathaliedesmet
Stonechat by tmtburke
Soft Crystal  by LORLEON
Cattle egret by tmtburke
dsc09950-0 by wemco2
Superb Fairy Wren...Female by VICKSTAR
Indian Peafoul (Peacock) by toshihiro_shoji
Funny Bird. by Lukekat
Eagle by HappyTree
A Swallow  by tmtburke
beauty by CreativeArtView
Unknown Feather, Maybe Duck? And Reflection by phillecren
A wet Fieldfare by tmtburke
This flower is mine by vladcech
Hawk lunch by Rorysart
Sad face by Akoshichai
Goldfinch by Effess
Dewdrops on a feather  by marilenavaccarini
Fallen from a Wing of an Angel by AnnuO
We Need to Talk by Effess
Angel Feather Wishes ….. ヅ by Capture-Life
Great Horned owl by mikelawton
The Importance of Grooming of Feathers by AnnuO
Odile by ericamottin