Lily by BrendaCrawford
Splash! by Clare1981
The Ducks Wake by mcampi
The Sentinel by BrendaCrawford
My New Friend ;)) by CallmeMarta
The Wanderer by GigiJim08
Just a Duck in the sparkling water. by Andrew08
In Reflection by Tanya333
Mandrian Duck by JTello
Mandarin Duck Close-up by quincyfloyd
Playing in the Water by MaggieClaire
Flock of Ducks by Bruz
Mandarin Ducks by bojben
Male Common Goldeneye duck by bearinmybackyard
The Fowl March by DreamCapturedImages
Flight Formation by Archangel72
SHBP20151010_974-1 by Onthewildsidephotography
Duck Walk by MBatchellor
Flurry of Feathers by Film_n_digi
I am tinkled off .... and I don't like anybody by metoo
Bathing Drake by alanpeterson
Indian spot-billed ducks by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
clear waters by nikon1
Duck Island by Beno62
shaky landing by nikon1
Wet Duckling by sarahwray
DSC04962a by alef0
In an English garden by PhilC
Pond-ering by nina050
duck family by lepsik84
Who's the fairest of them all. by Keefyboy
Portrait of the Shelduck by Hood