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JDLifeshots December 19, 2015
Cute shot!
darrellgillenwater December 28, 2015
Nice capture
Mikkel January 01, 2016
Thanks :-)
Mikkel January 11, 2016
Thanks Stacey :-)
charleekcooper January 23, 2016
So adorable!
sweetpea72 January 23, 2016
Mikkel January 23, 2016
It sure is - thanks :-)
p_eileenbaltz January 24, 2016
Beautifully captured! Congratulations on being chosen a finalist in the 'Adorable Baby Animals' photo contest. :)
Mikkel January 24, 2016
Thank you very much, but the honour goes to the little duckling :-)
Forgetmenotportraits January 25, 2016
very cute subject!! Nice job
Mikkel January 25, 2016
Thank you for the kind words :-)
Mikkel January 28, 2016
I want to thank you all for the positive feedback!
Without this cute little duckling, this would not be possible - thanks again photo-friends.

Keep on shooting!
wilsonvianalopes February 07, 2016
Bela imagem.......
Mikkel February 08, 2016
Thanks Wilson
N1ckBaker February 15, 2016
Absolutely love this shot. The sun rays make it a perfect composition.Keep it up.
Mikkel February 15, 2016
Very nice of you Izon - thank you!
14renren February 28, 2016
Superb capture. wow factor
Mikkel February 28, 2016
Thank you so much 14renren!
claudineburgess March 01, 2016
Love this photo ... I am of into the big world
MikeHiggins March 02, 2016
Love it! Well done.
Mikkel March 02, 2016
Thanks to both of you! I am very happy to hear and see people have positive feelings about this picture :-)
minimeben July 09, 2016
looks like he owns the road! Nice shot
Mikkel July 31, 2016
Thanks! Very honored with all the likes and nominations - thanks!
kathyk_abq December 11, 2016
Wonderful portrait! :)
brittabia August 12, 2017
Love it! :)
Mikkel August 12, 2017
Thank you brittabia :-)
Pjerry October 15, 2017
stunning capture
Mikkel October 15, 2017
Thank you very much Pjerry :-)
2497_6829 February 24, 2018
Mikkel February 24, 2018
Thanks Julie :-)
Mikkel March 01, 2018
Thanks Janet :-)
Yeah, I should do more of these ;-)
Mikkel March 26, 2018
Thank you Satforu160 :-)
Mikkel June 07, 2018
Thank you very much Bob!
cwells June 18, 2018
The pacing duck, awesome!
Mikkel June 18, 2018
He sure is cwells :-) Thanks!
reh037 Mar 18
So adorable!
Mikkel Mar 19
He was at the time reh037 - thanks :-)






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Behind The Lens

Had some bread with me, and wish to photograph some of the birds on the park lake nearby to where I live, but there was this little duckling that was very hungry, so I laid flat down on the ground and took a shoot.
Around 3PM late August last year this shot was made.
Was lucky with the light, but had to lay me flat down to be able to get the duckling just right - sometimes you get wet and dirty :-)
Used my brand new Nikon AF-S 80–400mm f/4.5-5.6 hand-held flat on the ground, and was able to get close that way - other equipment was bread :-)
Just wanted to take some bird shots, as this was very new for me, but no birds in the sky was shoot.
Lightroom 6 was the tool behind this. Cropped, lightened up the right place, and a bit of sharpness.
In my camera bag
The Nikon D750 and Tamron 24-70MM, as I like to travel relative light. Almost never have my Nikon 105mm with me, and not very often the Nikon AF-S 80–400mm
When taking pictures of animals, then always have slow movements so the animals won´t be scared away, and maybe have food with you - animals love food ;-)

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