Ruddy Shelduck by quincyfloyd
Mandarina duck by aidagri
Syncronized flying. by Alfredo_Jose
Cluster of Ducklings by AnnuO
Duck's life by Michael_Higgins
Swans by Vitta
Falcon on a Duck Hunt by Laska
DSC04885a by alef0
you gonna be like this all day by nikon1
My Reflection by GigiJim08
Jemima Puddleduck by Keefyboy
Blue-winged Teal by Hippie22
Mallard  by rickmcfadden
Mandarina by liskat
Spring Duckling by AnnuO
Jesusduck by TommyRamone
Photo  by daveburrow
Flight of Four by mylesnewberry
Ospreys by kootenay_nature_photos
Back Feathers  of a Mandarin Duck by quincyfloyd
Duckouette by mjollnir
starting by BOLED
Female mallard by JBordons
Male Mandarin Duck by Keefyboy
Great Swamp,NJ,USA by debbietintle
Cypress Tree's in the lake/Pool1 at Duck Creek Conservation-Edit 1 by BrendaCrawford
A Duck at Sunset by whiteshipdesign
When Quack Kills by rturnbow
Me And My Reflection  by iluv2shoot
Duck close-up by nathaliedesmet
Male Ringed Teal by MourneMountainMan
Lily by BrendaCrawford