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Feeling small in awe of nature

What is one of your dearest or most precious travel memories? Please share them below. I would love to hear from you!⁠

For me it's the fir...
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What is one of your dearest or most precious travel memories? Please share them below. I would love to hear from you!⁠

For me it's the first time I hiked a mountain together with my brother @colin.nederkoorn in Switzerland. We were on our way to start our trip in Bavaria when we spontaneously decided to skip the first stop. Instead we drove all night, got barely any sleep and set out to climb the Schäfler. In total, it was a 2km climb and we both had around 15kg of luggage on our back (gear, camping stuff, food). We planned to camp overnight at 1,5km height and expected to arrive before sunset.⁠

As you may guess, it was a complete disaster. We took the wrong route and ended up taking a huge detour, losing the daylight while climbing near steep precipices. Instead of climbing the lvl 5 route, we now found ourselves at lvl 8 and 9 routes. We weren't prepared at all. At times it was really tough, especially when Colin sprained his ankle because we couldn't see a thing. But during that exhausting hike that took us hours and hours, the mountain also rewarded us with breathtaking views and left us speechless.⁠

Reaching the top the day after, looking down and realizing that we had climbed all the way up was something I could hardly believe. Right there, I realized that I wanted more and more of this!
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amandabrennemankiplinger February 06, 2023
Beautiful photograph!
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