Capricorn Morning

Captured 12-01-09 Anderson, northern California, USA with my Canon G10 - It was truly an amazing morning. How can one not be in awe at all the beauty with whic...
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Captured 12-01-09 Anderson, northern California, USA with my Canon G10 - It was truly an amazing morning. How can one not be in awe at all the beauty with which we are so blessed...
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Winner in pink and purple Photo Challenge
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DonTX June 10, 2014
WOW, this is truly a stunning image!
alexmckelvie November 06, 2014
great pic
carolsenske January 15, 2016
I love your vases - dancing ladies, too - and this is exquisite, Joyce! How absolutely wonderful of you to find me here:>)
CanDew February 13, 2016
So admire your techniques and skill.
RMBphoto PRO+
RMBphoto October 30, 2017
Outstanding, Joyce! Congrats on the win. So pleased for you!

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Behind The Lens

This particular photograph was shot in Anderson, CA. An area of the southern foothills to Redding.
Early morning light is not called the Magic Hour for favorite time of day...the sun was rising with glorious hues of orange,pink, lavender and purple. This is the kind of morning when a photographer knows his/her priorities and everything else must wait.
As I said earlier the lighting was magical and it was cool calm and inviting December morning. You could feel winter in the air and see it as the hues in the sky leaned more toward the pinks and blues, whereas in the summer months the hues tend to be more in the warmer range of yellows, oranges and reds.
This was shot with my then camera, a Canon G10. I always shot with a tripod when shooting sunrises and sunsets. I prefer a tripod with a bubble level to ensure proper horizons....I had no additional lens but had learned my camera inside and out so that I could make necessary focusing adjustments.
The colors of course are what inspired me to shoot this photo as I find nature to be Awe-inspiring to say the least. I learned to admire the beauty right outside my door and in many of my shoots I would not travel too far from home (that is until I had exhausted all possibilities there).
When this image was shot I was using the photo editing software "PhotoImpact 11"; to this day I still will use it on occasion. I love the feature of the vases that this program offers. The vase was added and the X and Y distortion done to create this level of reflection in the glass. There are endless possibilities in post processing, however there are some photos that truly are best right out of the camera.
In my camera bag
Today I carry a Canon EOS M3 (24.7 MP), two standard lenses by Canon (wide angle and zoom) also, what I refer to as my toy camera :Canon SX 160 IS (16 MP) 3 batteries, 2 chargers including an auto adapter, 3 lens filters, 3 memory cards, 1 card reader, lens cleaner, table top tripod.
A cloudy evening or morning can really make a gorgeous sunrise/sunset. Patience and proper timing are minute the color is bright and awe inspiring and the next minute can be grey and drab...get there early and be set up in advance. I like to shoot from different angles utilizing the light and color to its fullest potential.

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