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Tight self-portrait fake cigarette.

Tight self-portrait fake cigarette.
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Joviaal PRO
Joviaal Mar 22
Careful for your beard! 😱
DAsEye Mar 22
I love this shot
beckyreding PRO
beckyreding Mar 23
I love this ????
leotar Apr 05
No, other one is better
deekaycee Ultimate
deekaycee May 04
Wonderful selfie! Way to go on your photo contest runner up award!
conniegavin Platinum
conniegavin May 04
Congratulations on being a runner up in monthly pro photo challenge!
Rmay1 PRO+
Rmay1 May 11
Congratulations on runner up in Monthly Pro contest.
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Behind The Lens

Cold winter day so into the basement to play. I did this self-portrait in my basement studio.
I used studio lights.
I placed a large 4 x 6-foot softbox behind me and then a black card in front of the box, only the edges of the softbox were lighting me. I wanted a rim light around me to pop off the black background. I also used two-speed lights with strip boxes and grids from behind to add side lights to my face. I used a strobe-pro-focused light on my face for the front light. I wanted to control the lights and get the matches to be bright. The last thing about the lighting I had to shoot through a black card global to control the flare from the backlight.
I used four Godox flash units for this image. Nikon D850 with a Tamron 90mm macro lens. F11 ISO 100 1/250. The camera was set on a tripod pre-focused and I used a radio remote with a 10-second delay to get into position and light the match.
I was doing a presentation for a camera club on creative portraiture projects and came across the lighting style on youtube zoom and wanted to try it out. I do not smoke so I rolled a white paper into a cigarette and it worked fine. I also used my smoke machine behind me to add atmosphere.
I photographed in RAW and do most of my editing in Photoshop. I liked that the match cigarette and my glasses all were lit at the same time. I used curves in Photoshop and sharpened them using Topaz.
In my camera bag
I use Nikon cameras and Godox lights. I have a variety of lenses Nikon 50mm F 1.4 Tamron 24x70mm Tamron 90mm macro Nikon 80x200 F2.8 and a Tamron 150x600mm.
During covid, I kept myself busy doing self-projects. This was a great way to keep busy and learn new fighting skills. I started doing a lot of teaching and presenting on Zoom a wonderful way to share and keep others motivated.

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