Through The Forest To The Lake

The forest itself seemed very dark, but look at the light on the lake...

The forest itself seemed very dark, but look at the light on the lake...
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jeffswanson January 04, 2015
Picture perfect. Great shot, Joyce.
JoyceDickens January 04, 2015
Hi Jeff, so pleased that you are enjoying; thank you so much :-)
howie516 Platinum
howie516 January 04, 2015
Joyce your photo is stunning, looks like a secret place, absolutely beautiful.
JoyceDickens January 04, 2015
Hi Howie, I am thrilled that you are enjoying; thank you from my heart :-)
JoseFSandoval PRO
JoseFSandoval July 08, 2015
this forest looks majical. The green gives a foggy effect, that makes it a great capture.
JoyceDickens January 17, 2016
Thank you so much Jose!
mcampi PRO+
mcampi August 09, 2015
Great shot like the mood you have captured. where on the planet is this?
JoyceDickens January 17, 2016
Hi Mark, this was shot in the forest just outside of Ilwaco, WA....a little lake called Black Lake-thanks for the awesome appreciation my friend! :-))
Pauljeno April 24, 2016
Great composition, has an almost prehistoric appearance.
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden November 04, 2016
Wonderful captured light!
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Behind The Lens

This image was shot at a small lake called Black Lake just outside of Ilwaco Washington. This is a very quiet and almost mystical area as it borders forest land and being right on the WA coast, it is very wet and lush - just oozing life - a photographer's playground is what I often thought as I began the next of my adventures to this gorgeous wilderness area!
This was shot in the mid morning ours as the sun was trying to burn through the fog layer, giving it this awesome, almost haunting glow.
I really love shooting in the fog as it always seems to lend a certain atmosphere and wonderful sense of mystery and the unknown to an image. Of course this image would not have that quality without the sun trying to come through the wonderful marine layer. The reflections appeared more intense and well defined with the warmth coming into play on the far right of the photo. Even the foliage of the tree took on an almost luminescent quality.
I always have my tripod with me and it was used for this photo which I shot with an older Canon PowerShot SX160 IS with the following Manual settings. Aperture: f/5.0 ISO: 200 Shutter Speed: 1/250 I find it amazing what a photographer can do with a point and shoot digital camera these days. The lighting takes the credit for this image, however, and it was worth the hike and the wait for the right conditions.
I have to respond to this by saying, "what photographer could resist"? It was the atmosphere of course that inspired my to capture this scene.. That combined with the total peace that this beautiful area offers. Being one with Nature, absorbing the energies and using those energies to heal and meditate is the reason that I do photography.
Some minor adjustments we made, as this image was a bit over-exposed as I didn't have a neutral density filter for that particular camera. I had to tone down the exposure a bit and adjust the back lighting. Since I don't have PhotoShop, I used PhotoImpact which is an older editing program that offers quite a bit of the options available through PS.
In my camera bag
Well my equipment has changed since this image was shot. Back then, it was my Canon PowerShot SX160 IS, (I call this one my "Play Camera") a Canon SX 10 IS, lens cleaners, extra batteries, card reader and a couple of 8 Gig memory cards. Now days I have upgraded to the Canon EOS M3, a mirrorless, compact 24 MP camera that I adore. Also 3 basic filters, remote shutter release, a 32 GB memory card by "Gigastone", a card reader, a canon 18-55 Wide Angle lens and a Canon 55-200 Telephoto zoom lens...and I always have my Tripod with a bubble level.
I would highly recommend the use a of a Neutral Density Filter anytime you are shooting towards the sun and don't be afraid to adjust the settings down on your camera to accommodate the natural lighting available at the time. Years ago I had a Canon G10 which I loved at the time and it had a built in ND; I found myself using that a lot out in the field. When you are forced to make so many adjustments, make sure that you have a tripod and a remote shutter release as even the slightest movement can totally change a photo for the worse. I normally take several shots of almost everything I shoot using different settings, and then I have a good selection of which to choose for my post editing and final presentation.

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