Tiger Cubs Playing

Two cubs play while the mother rests in the background cooling off in a water body in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, India....
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Two cubs play while the mother rests in the background cooling off in a water body in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, India.
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, India.
I was on the morning safari when I came across these cubs and the mother (lying in the water hole behind) and one cub was stalking the other one, so i knew there was a high probability of some action. I was ready with the right settings to capture action.
In Tadoba and many other parks in India, even the morning sunlight can be a little harsh, hence I usually underexpose usually 0.3 or 0.7 stops.
The photo was taken with a Nikon 200-500mm VR lens on my trusted Nikon D4s camera.
I had been waiting for an opportunity to photograph the tiger cubs playing while the mother took a break and was resting, this was probably one of the best moments to capture.
I usually limit my post-processing to the minimal. Just a little colour correction and sharpening of the image.
In my camera bag
My camera bag during a wildlife shoot usually consists of the following gear: Nikon D4s - my main action camera Nikon Z7 - for tight portraits and habitat shots where I want the 45MP Nikon 600mm F4 VR - My favourite lens in the wild, brilliant fast and locks focus in milliseconds. Nikon 200-500mm VR - A zoom with good range for flexibility in composing the frame, especially during videos. Extra batteries - most important CF & XQD cards - backup cards Dust/Rain cover - quite useful in protecting the lens and allowing you to shoot during monsoons. Macbook Pro - For edits on the go and transferring data after shoot. Seagate 2 or 4 TB HDD - Backup data on the go. Gitzo Tripod + Gitzo ball head - Super Stead and extremely light weight.
Always be prepared for action, you never know when it will happen. Look for telltale signs, such as a big suddenly crouching and looking in a particular direction, a bird pooping, usually just before a flight, so can help in timing the perfect takeoff shot. a bird getting jittery can indicate the presence of a more powerful raptor around.

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