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Early morning at the Palouse, an old barn stands out in a meadow.

Early morning at the Palouse, an old barn stands out in a meadow.
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Behind The Lens

This image was captured in the Palouse in Washington State on a fine spring day in 2018.
The image was captured in early morning light from a nearby pull-out.
The lighting was special because it had a new spring "flavor" with a bit of added pink to punctuate the green image. This, in my opinion, gives a stronger impression of the season.
Nikon D850
This part of the country is full of old barns and homes, many of which are falling down while still making their presence known. An extreme close-up of this same building revealed a barn owl sitting in the window, but my lens wasn't long enough to capture that - so I opted for the long view.
Post processing was minimal, but I believe I did use a Topaz filter with a minimal setting to maintain the original image.
In my camera bag
I normally carry Nikon camera bodies with at least five lenses, and now I am also carrying a Panasonic Lumix G9 camera with four or five lenses. I prefer to carry at least two camera bodies to avoid wasting the trip if I were to damage one camera somehow. Fortunately, that hasn't happened.
I highly recommend any enthusiastic photographer consider visiting the Palouse in Washington State. This is located near Pullman, Washington, a college town that is fun in itself. The Palouse is best viewed at sunrise or sunset from Step Toe Butte, which provides multiple layers or shelves to provide different perspectives. The undulating terrain is beautiful with new plantings or even shortly after or during harvest time. It is truly unique and worth the time. Fly into Spokane, Wa and rent a car and you'r there in less than an hour. The drive from SeaTac airport is about 4 hours.

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