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Basking in the Sun

Image captured in Tanzania with Nikon D500 with a 200-500mm lens

Image captured in Tanzania with Nikon D500 with a 200-500mm lens
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p_eileenbaltz June 30, 2018
Beautiful work!
Julia_137 June 30, 2018
Great shot
BabZz November 11, 2018
He's fantastic family absolutely stunning beast
lvalencia February 03, 2019
Beautiful capture! Nicely done!
simonparry February 04, 2019
Superb capture...

Behind The Lens

This image was captured in Kenya as part of a photography safari sponsored by the wonderful professional photographer, Denise Ippolito.
We set out before dawn to get pictures with the glow of early morning light. This lion was resting and seeming completely at peace with his surroundings, undisturbed by our vehicle which maintained a respectful distance.
Early morning light is always best, because it catches the eyes rather than light from above, which would create shadows. It is always important to capture the light of an animal's eyes, the essence of its spirit.
I was using a Nikon D850, my favorite camera. It was hand held because there is no room for a tripod in a safari vehicle. I was able rest the 500 mm lens on the window with a sand bag for support.
I love wildlife photography, especially when it comes to the big cats. They are magnificent and gorgeous beings, especially when sitting at rest and not in the tall grass.
There was minimal post processing on this image, though I increased the color saturation a bit to bring out the eyes.
In my camera bag
I am a Nikon shooter, but normally carry two camera bodies and when shooting wildlife, the second camera body is a Panasonic Lumix G9. When shooting wildlife, I use the longest lens I can get is what I take. In Africa, this would be a 500 to 600 mm lens, even if I have to rent it. I also want a wide angle lens for landscape shots, and use the Nikon 14/24mm lens. Generally, I also take a good zoom lens such as the Nikon 18-300 mm.
If you can get to Africa, do it! Preferably Kenya, Namibia or Botswana. You will find an abundance of wildlife. I would recommend enlisting in a professional photography workshop where you will have a group of very experienced photographers to learn from. I recommend Denise Ippolito or Aaron Baggenstos, both wonderful photographers and teachers with lots of experience in photographing wildlife in Africa.

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