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Wet Flurry

Herd of Icelandic horses run across a river, leaving a wake of splash and flurry. Image captured in Iceland with a Nikon and 70-200 mm lens...
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Herd of Icelandic horses run across a river, leaving a wake of splash and flurry. Image captured in Iceland with a Nikon and 70-200 mm lens
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pragyamtandon September 19, 2018
Wow! Superb 👌

Behind The Lens

This image was captured in Iceland during the summer season.
The light in Iceland during the summer season doesn't change much throughout the day. It is generally soft and pleasant light. This image was captured in late morning light on a typical cloudy and windy day. This allowed for soft images despite the chaotic scene.
Iceland in June has no true sunset and no true sunrise. It is light almost 24 hours a day, but the sky is generally cloudy and the weather is chilly and windy. I enjoyed photography in Iceland because the lighting was soft, constant, and radiant without being harsh in any way.
I was using a Nikon D850 with a long lens, hand held. It wasn't a comfortable set-up, as I was sitting on a muddy small cliff looking over the mud and meandering river.
I love watching the movement of horses, and Icelandic horses are truly unique. Their manes are full and unmanageable, especially in the wind and while running. The diverse coloration of this herd was interesting, with varying shades of brown, red, and white. The horses were moving in unison with the singular intent of getting to the other side of the river quickly. It seemed a lot like rush hour in their world. The movement of the water added gravity and also supple liquidity to the scene.
There was limited post processing, though I increased the saturation a bit.
In my camera bag
I an a Nikon user, and absolutely love the D850 because it offers speed without compromising quality. I carry a Really Right Stuff tripod and bullhead, but frequently shoot action scenes with a hand-held camera. I generally carry at least four lenses on any photo trip, including long lenses as well as wide angle lenses and "art" prime lenses. I rarely user converters, instead choosing subjects that can be captured by the long lenses I do have. I always use L brackets to stabilize the camera when on a tripod. I use Think Tank wheeled camera bags, and always include a small cleaning kit as well as several Think Tank card wallets. I always have at least one extra battery and several extra cards. Without exception, I back up the images each day to two external drives. Currently, I am using solid state WD drives with 1 TB of storage. Once the images are backed up in the manner, I am comfortable re-formatting the cards. I generally keep the two drives separate from each other, one on my person and the other with my luggage. With this step, I have no real fear of losing images during travel. The new smaller solid state drives enable me to travel without too much bulk while also allowing me the comfort of a double back-up system.
I highly recommend Iceland, especially for equine photography or puffin photography. The landscapes are incredible and contribute to strong scenes with dramatic wildlife elements to capture the viewer's attention.

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